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Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

  • Published 7 hours ago

Our exclusive social media Industry Reports are now available. To evaluate how social is being leveraged to meet business goals, Socialbakers has collected insights from 14 key industries. You’re…

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Focusing on key social networks. Our analytics platform helps 2000+ customers better understand, compare, and compete in social media, like:

Sam Wilson Woolworths

"Socialbakers has made such a difference to how my team manage our social pages. We can benchmark both locally and internationally, as well as provide our leadership with real engagement statistics to help move the perception of social as a fuzzy nice-to-have to a real business tool."

Barbara Iliopoulos InterContinental Hotels Group

Socialbakers is an essential tool for those who want to take their social engagement strategy to the next level.”

Thomas Romieu LVMH

Socialbakers has fundamentally changed the way that LVMH plans, implements and optimizes our social media and social marketing campaigns.”

Gael de Talhouet Henkel

Socialbakers gives us a global perspective on our social media activities.”

Jeremie Moritz Pernod Ricard

Socialbakers allows us to stay on top of what’s happening and provide insights for all our brands and markets.”

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