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Our social marketing solutions help more than 2500 companies around the world deliver great results.

  • Desigual

    We use Socialbakers Analytics to better understand what we do, to better understand our results, and to improve through the figures and information for what we will do in the future.

    Boris Mercier, Head of Social Media Desigual

  • It’s a very difficult thing to add this type of competency to someone who is not a marketing person, but with Socialbakers we’ve actually been able to get them to understand how they can share content and the best ways to disseminate it.

    Alexander Onish, Digital Employer Branding Manager

  • Socialbakers is helping us to take decisions in real time.

    Andrea Galli, Global Digital Marketing Advisor - DAT Manager

  • Toyota

    Socialbakers helps us measure, analyze, and understand how our customers interact with our brand.

    Tarek Metwally, Head of Digital Toyota

  • Socialbakers Analytics equips us with the KPIs and metrics we need to meaningfully evaluate our performance across social channels and countries, generating valuable feedback and local intelligence so we can focus on continuous improvement in our markets.

    Sebastian Blanck, Digital Marketing Specialist

  • We found that Socialbakers is a key partner for us.

    Rod Strother, Director of the Digital and Social Centre for Excellence

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