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Facebook Videos Have a 10x Higher Viral Reach than YouTube Links

Facebook Videos Have a 10x Higher Viral Reach than YouTube Links image

Recently, we reported that videos uploaded via Facebook have a higher Engagement Rate than YouTube links. You asked us how these two methods of uploading videos affect their reach – here are the results!

For the purpose of this study, we have chosen videos that brands have shared across Facebook during the last three months. As you know, there are two options – to either upload the video natively from your computer or to share a link to your video from YouTube. Apparently, admins prefer the latter, with 4 731 YouTube links posted vs. 554 Facebook videos, from December 4th – March 3rd 2013.

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Facebook videos tend to have a higher Engagement Rate than YouTube links (0.22% on average compared to 0.10%). As already mentioned in the previous study, this could be due to the fact that you can play Facebook videos directly from the mobile news feed, which is increasingly becoming a preferred way of social update consumption. Interestingly enough, both YouTube links and Facebook videos generate nearly the same fan interaction, with about 77% of Likes, 16% of Shares, and 7% of Comments.

Interestingly, our data shows that Facebook videos achieved a 10 times higher viral reach than YouTube links did! Viral Reach is the percentage of people reached via a user-generated story (like, comment, share). Do you think Facebook videos have an advantage over YouTube links in the news feed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Note: We deliberately omitted paid reach from the graph since it is completely dependent on the marketing budgets of individual companies. The more you pay, the more your post generates reach.

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  • Chris McTiernan

    can you clarify the total number of videos uploaded. In your first report you mention, "They posted 3 684 YouTube links compared to 458 Facebook videos towards the end of January (from January 22nd to January 27th 2013)". In this report you mention, "Apparently, admins prefer the latter, with 4 731 YouTube links posted vs. 554 Facebook videos, from December 4th – March 3rd 2013." Should we take from this that in the other 11 weeks only ~1100 YT links we posted?

  • Veronika Fuleova

    Hello Jan, it´s not just about the number of shares, Viral reach goes much further than that and many factors influence it. As we already mentioned, Facebook could be privileging its videos in news feeds, plus Facebook videos are easier to consume on mobile than YouTube links. You can find the previous study here: http://www.socialbakers.com/…gher-engagement.

  • Jan Gemrich

    Can you please link on the original article about engagement rates, because here you say that they create the same interaction. I am kinda confused, if both videos generate the same level of shares (viral reach) how it is possible for Facebook to reach 11x more people through viral spread?

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