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Everything you Need to Know About #Hashtags on Facebook

Everything you Need to Know About #Hashtags on Facebook image

Recently Facebook introduced a hashtags feature to its platform. Let´s take a minute to learn how to use and leverage them as an effective social marketing tool.

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Facebook announced that it recently incorporated hashtags as a way of bringing conversations about public events, people, and topics to the forefront. The world´s largest social network considered the amount of buzz people tend to generate around popular television shows, sport games, and breaking events. “During primetime television alone, there are between 88 and 100 million Americans engaged on Facebook – roughly a Super Bowl-sized audience every single night,” Greg Lindley stated, when announcing the new feature in the official blog post. To date, there has not been a more convenient or organized way to monitor events or discussions on Facebook on a grand scale. But now, the roll out of hashtags should help people participate in public conversations they are interested in. The hashtags will work on personal profile posts, fan page posts, group posts, event posts, and all comments.

Basic Hashtag information:

  • Click on the hashtag to get redirected to its feed. You can also click on hashtags that originate on other services, such as Instagram.
  • Every hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL.
  • Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar, for example, #NBAFinals or type facebook.com/hashtag­/xxx into your browser (replace the x's with the tag you want to look up).
  • Compose posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results.

A few #HashtagTips

Marketers are already embracing the power of hashtags and coming up with ways they can be used to their highest potential. You can find some great tips and ideas under #hashtagtips including:

  • Whether you have the new #hashtag feature or not, start using strategic hashtags in your public Facebook posts (profile and page). Everyone who has the feature will see your hashtags as clickable links.
  • Each hashtag on Facebook has its own unique URL with a status update box at the top. Drive traffic to that URL from other sites to spark more conversation.
  • Include hashtags even when posting on mobile. Although hashtags don't work on mobile (yet!), they do work on desktop when posted through your mobile device.
  • Use #hashtags to start a conversation with a group. Every word you make into a hashtag will be grouped into its own status update box!
  • Think about your industry and target market, and the types of hashtags you use on other social networks.
  • Use tags in trending topics related to your industry.
  • Capitalize the #FirstLetterI­nEachWord of your hashtag to make it more readable
  • Don´t overdo your post with hashtags, 1 – 2 is more than enough

What about hashtag privacy?

You control who sees your posts, including those with hashtags. Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith summed up all the hashtag related privacy settings as follows:

  • As with all personal profile features on Facebook,privacy settings prevail.
  • If you publish a post on your profile to friends only, and the post contains a hashtag, the hashtag will be clickable and open up to display all other posts on Facebook containing that hashtag.
  • But, ONLY friends can see friends-only posts that show up in hashtag searches.
  • Public posts—with or without hashtags—are public.
  • Private (friends-only) posts—with or without hashtags—are just that: private and visible to friends only.
  • Even when friends include hashtags in comments on your friends-only thread, your post is still private and visible just to your friends.
  • With hashtags shared in private groups, that clickable hashtag will open to show public posts with that tag (along with any friends' posts with that tag), but posts from the private group are only available to group members.
  • Individual comments on threads do not surface in hashtag searches.

Will hashtags affect the reach of your posts? Will they engage more people and keep them talking? Before we bring you the answers, check out these 8 basic hashtag tips and sign-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Analytics to see how your social media performance compares to your competition.

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  • John Bishop

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  • AG Tags

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  • Ron Grace

    This may be the wrong spot for this comment – but in reference to communication and post – I am new to Facebook and I get a lot of corny post. Is there a reason we don't have a "thumbs down" option to give person a hint?

  • Jay Zh

    Facebook hashtag feature is too unstable. sometimes newly published posts cannot be searched. if you edit a hashtab, it cannot be searchable. For some old hashtab posts, cannot be search. And facebook searching paging feature is kind of crab, it always cannot display the there are more posts you can continously search

  • Tariq Shadid

    nice article

  • Timo Luege

    Is there any data on how Facebook hashtags have been adopted?

  • Jessica Adam

    A very educative post that indeed revamps my perception on the same.A very detailed and apt explanation of the topic.Thank you for helping by posting such stuff. Vendor Research

  • Ray'ah Rea Nediva

    Facebook is this shitty nonsense! It needs to STOP. What is happening with your shitty idea is that Groups are being affected. A group receives so-called related articles on their page which violate the group rules and ethos. This must be stopped.

  • Seth Crawford

    Testing out a hashtag for a campaign one of my clients is about to launch, but the hashtags don't seem to be getting tacked correctly. About an hour ago it was only showing one result. And then we posted it again from another account and now it is only showing that result. Is there anything we can do to ensure that all posts get tracked?

  • Abhranil Saha

    This is really a very good post on # tags uses in social media sites.

  • I need a script for tracking specific hastag inside my website. Do you have an idea?

  • Samantha Weiss

    I want to search for a hash tag among ONLY my friends. I want to see how many my friends #Facebookis10 videos, but when I search I see non friends videos. How do I see them from just my friends?

  • Gabriel Pang

    Personally, I think it's rather good for Facebook to experiment with what works/doesn't work. At end of the day, technology is evolving and it's good to always try something new. However, that being said, hashtags don't seem to be working as well as Twitter, at the moment. Perhaps a truce in the war and both FB and Twitter join forces to leverage on hashtags and FB short comments can be shared into twitter if the messages are short enough?

  • I created a hastag for a page as a contest but I can only see a couple of the hashtags and there are many that participated and their comments only appear for a while and then we cannot view them anymore, is there anyway to view all of them or do they only appear for a certain time and get deleted. Is there anyways to retrieve the comments previously posted.

  • Tish Seabrook

    Hi Michael, when typing #shutdown into the search box, I receive a long list of posts containing the hashtag. The same goes for typing in the url. Perhaps there was a bug at that time? Offhand, I'm not entirely sure why you didn't receive any results. Have you tried it again? [Social Media Editor]

  • Michael Keller

    None of the examples work. I type #shutdown in the search box, I get nothing. (trust me, I posted plenty with #shutdown this week) I search facebook.com/hashtag/shutdown, I get nothing. Is it broken? Did it ever work?

  • Veronika Fuleova

    Mari we love you! You are a great source of information and we appreciate your positive energy!

  • Mari Smith

    I love SocialBakers!! Thank you so much for including my privacy tips. Y'all ROCK! Exciting times for sure on Facebook -- I'm sensing renewed excitement among users, both personal and business.

  • Tish Seabrook

    Hi Sergio, we can see that. But also, many brands and users can take advantage of this feature since they can more easily promote brand awareness or keep track of topics that interest them. Try it out for yourself :)

  • null

    Personally don't like, I find a copy of twitter...

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