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Tweeting too Much? Find Out the Ideal Tweet Frequency for Brands

Tweeting too Much? Find Out the Ideal Tweet Frequency for Brands image

Keeping an eye on your tweet frequency helps you to maintain a healthy and consistent level of exposure. What´s the optimal number of tweets you should post per day?

Some brands tend to overwhelm Twitter followers and post around 20 tweets a day, while others post only occasionally. To keep your audience engaged, you should avoid both extremes and stay somewhere in the middle. We were curious to see how many tweets it took for engagement to decrease, so we analyzed the performance of a random sample of over 11 thousand tweets from global brands from May 25th to June 25th. We found out that their average Engagement Rate had a tendency to decline after the 3rd tweet they posted during one day. And as you can see from looking at the blue curve, the number of their total interactions (for all the tweets collectively) has grown only slightly after three tweets.

Total Engagement Rate= ((total number of replies + retweets + favorites)/ the number of followers on the given day) x 100

Average Engagement Rate= ((total number of replies + retweets + favorites/ number of tweets posted that day)/ number of followers on the given day) x 100

Many factors contribute to post frequency, which is why you need to monitor the performance of your page continuously. Try it out with Analytics PRO!

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  • Tish Seabrook

    Hi Adma, you are correct. Of course, tweet frequency may differ according to industry, specific brands, and, well, many factors. However, in this particular study we took an overview of how often brands tweet and how engagement reacts to it. Thanks for the feedback though; it is always welcome. And we will consider it for our future studies.

  • Adma Maharjan

    Tweet per day doesn't have any limits because it mainly depends on the types of customer you have and not forgetting what type of company is. The article information may find it's true place so will try it out and see.
    Adma Maharjan, Community Manager @Simplify360

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