How Hot are Hashtags? Check Out our Facebook and Twitter Results!

How Hot are Hashtags? Check Out our Facebook and Twitter Results! image

Facebook decided to bring conversations to the forefront with their recent rollout of hashtags. But just how hot are hashtags over Facebook and Twitter? We took a look at how fast brands have been adopting them and how they compare to their frequency on Twitter.

Facebook sparked the attention of many social media enthusiasts, introducing hashtags on June 12th, 2013. So, we decided to run a study, measuring the number of posts with hashtags created by brands on Facebook, in comparison to Twitter, where they have a longer history. There has been an increasing trend from June 12th – July 18th, 2013 on Facebook, whereas the usage of hashtags on Twitter has slightly decreased since then. They still dominate the latter platform, but the results show a positive trend that promises to provide more of a context to conversations over social.

We then broke down the results into industries in order to see which brands have taken the biggest advantage of hashtags on Facebook and Twitter during the studied period. As you can see in the tables below, the FMCG and telecom industries created the most posts with hashtags, so we can assume that they are cataloguing their Facebook and Twitter conversations and campaigns, making it easier for fans to search for specific topics. In fact, posts often contained more than one hashtag. Have you been using hashtags to engage your audience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Comments How Hot are Hashtags? Check Out our Facebook and Twitter Results!

  1. Alexandru Negrea (Head of Facebook Dept. at Spada) Can you see if the posts with hashtags receive more reactions than the one without hashtags? The users are using hashtags on Facebook?

    Alexandru Negrea
  2. Veronika Fuleova (Social Media Analyst at Socialbakers) Hi Alexandru! Yes, we can measure the Engagement Rate of the brand (Page) posts that include hashtags, which means that we can see to what extent users interact (Like, Comment, Share) with these posts. We will definitely look into it in one of our next studies, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, learn more about the metric here:…-engagement-rate

    Veronika Fuleova