How Engagement and Social Interactions Correlate with Reach

How Engagement and Social Interactions Correlate with Reach image

Recently, we explained how we now recommend using Interactions rather than Engagement Rate as the best metric with which to measure Facebook Page performance. As a result of this, we’re now issuing a set of blog posts studying Interactions at a deeper level, to give you a better understanding of this change. Here, we take a look at Interactions and their relationship to reach in order to see how the two correlate across different Page sizes.

Our data shows that posting more engaging content results in better reach. Post promotion amplifies this effect dramatically.

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Our ‘Reach vs. Interactions’ data shows the differences this can make. Below, you can see the level of organic reach gained by different Interaction levels of posts for Pages sizes 1–99,999 – so, the vast majority of Pages.

As you can see, the curve is quite smooth and natural. Compare this to all unique impressions (including paid reach) for the same sub-set of Pages and you get a graph like this:

As you can see at the top end of the graph, the posts with 5,000 Interactions-plus are receiving a huge amount of extra impressions. This is due to the paid reach that kicks in at scale at this level. Clearly, this shows the power of amplifying your best posts through great advertising – and how the right posts can achieve huge reach when they are promoted.

We see the same trend across all Pages sizes studied. Pages with over 1 million fans are getting almost 10× the total reach on posts with more than 5,000 Interactions compared to organic reach. With smaller Pages, the trend is even more pronounced, with almost 100× more reach on posts with high levels of Interactions. Compare this with the small difference in reach between organic and total impression figures at the lower end of the graph, and you can see the power of amplifying your best content.

Reach naturally correlates with Interactions in that the more reach you have, the higher your Interactions are likely to be. The more engaging your post is, the more reach it will get naturally. These are the posts you need to promote.

Users need to focus on measuring Interactions as a benchmark of performance because the number of total Interactions, while influenced by reach, are not weighted like engagement rate, and therefore remain a fair metric. Our data has shown the need to find the right posts to amplify due to the huge effect on Interactions and reach when you boost the right content. At Socialbakers, we believe that it's about what you can learn from all the metrics, not just one. Still measure engagement rate and other metrics, but for a fairer measurement, also focus your attention on Interactions.

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