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Local Social Media Statistics of Facebook brands…

Local Social Media Statistics of Facebook brands in Colombia – February 2012 image

Socialbakers provides you with the most relevant summaries on social media performance of local Facebook brand pages in your country. Please share the February report with your local audience!

Today, Socialbakers brings you February local social media report. In this report, you can learn about top performing Facebook pages, media and brands. Share and give like to your favorite brands!

Download Colombian Social Media Report here

Is there a local page that you think should be part of Socialbakers’ country report? Simply suggest them on Socialbakers by going to one of these sections: YouTube statistics, Facebook statistics or Twitter statistics, click on the Suggest button (for example: “Suggest a YouTube channel”) and choose a suitable category.

This report has been prepared using our advanced analytics platform Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO. You can try out with a 14 day free trial to monitor your pages in your local country! Now not only supporting Facebook pages, but also Twitter!

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