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Fastest Growing Brands Of The Week: Worn Out Converse Shoes

Fastest Growing Brands Of The Week: Worn Out Converse Shoes image

It´s Friday so let´s have a look at the fastest growing brands of the week on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube before we take off for the weekend!

Converse All Star Page Merged With Converse Page

Can you believe that Converse gained over 5 million fans in one week? It´s the most popular shoe on Facebook with over 29 million fans overall! It seems that the astronomical fan growth has been triggered by the merge of the Converse All Star Page with the Converse Page and by very engaging pictures, for example Converse shoes from years 1917 and 1928.

Worn Out Shoes Tell A Story

There´s something about worn out shoes that people simply love and embrace. Converse shoes are meant to express independence, individuality and creativity and the longer you wear them, the better the story they enfold. And as we already mentioned yesterday, visual storytelling is the latest social media trend.

These are the fastest growing brands of the week accroding to Socialbakers Facebook Brand statistics, Twitter Brand statistics and Youtube Channels statistics

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