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How to Protect your Brand’s Social Media Account image

How to Protect your Brand’s Social…

We’ve all been a witness to worst-case scenarios. They explode in a brand’s face, appearing in embarrassing headlines, all over the internet –– from social media marketing websites, to major newspapers. In their wake, a brand’s reputation can be grievously hurt and their social media team humiliated. These stories don’t just serve as comedy (or tragedy), they also serve to remind us of the importance of how your brand handles internal access and general damage control.

Combining Socialbakers Analytics and Ad Analytics to Drive A Better Facebook Campaign image

Combining Socialbakers Analytics and Ad…

When we talk about using analytics for social media, usually we talk about the importance of analytics for social media content and social media advertising separately. However, what most marketers don’t talk about is the enormous advantage of combining the two together. Combine the two? Surely, you must be joking, you might think to yourself. But I’m not. Independently, both are crucial for serious social media marketers and, perhaps surprisingly, the two are best used hand-in-hand. If you use a social media analytics platform and a social ads management and boosting tool, such as our own Analytics and Ad Analytics platforms, each can add tremendous value to the other. Here’s how:

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