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Social Media Predictions for 2014 by Socialbakers' CEO image

Social Media Predictions for 2014 by…

With every passing year we discover more and more about the way people interact with each other online. So far we’ve seen brand to fan interaction increase at a higher rate than ever with new trends in social customer care as well as many new experience-changing features to our favorite social media platforms. After a careful analysis of data from the previous year, Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab, clues us in on his expectation for 2014 in ten simple points to delve deeper into before the new year begins.

#SocialStory2013 Makes Waves at LeWeb Conference in Paris image

#SocialStory2013 Makes Waves at LeWeb…

This year has been a learning lesson for those of us in social media. Just by watching a simple analytics chart, one could see where the social sphere is headed - especially when it comes to brand communications. Instead of long and drab charts or lists, the Socialbakers team decided to make this year easy on the social addicts out there and make a video instead - after all, social is more popular than TV!

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