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Latest Stories in our Social Media Newsroom

How Engagement and Social Interactions Correlate with Reach image

How Engagement and Social Interactions…

Recently, we explained how we now recommend using Interactions rather than Engagement Rate as the best Facebook Page performance metric. As a result of this, we’re now issuing a set of blog posts studying Interactions at a deeper level, to give you a better understanding of this change. Here, we take a look at Interactions and their relationship to Reach in order to see how the two correlate.

How to Protect your Brand’s Social Media Account image

How to Protect your Brand’s Social…

We’ve all been a witness to worst-case scenarios. They explode in a brand’s face, appearing in embarrassing headlines, all over the internet –– from social media marketing websites, to major newspapers. In their wake, a brand’s reputation can be grievously hurt and their social media team humiliated. These stories don’t just serve as comedy (or tragedy), they also serve to remind us of the importance of how your brand handles internal access and general damage control.

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