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Latest Stories in our Social Media Newsroom

Did E-Commerce Brands Truly Take Advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday? image

Did E-Commerce Brands Truly Take…

Created by marketers in 2005, Cyber Monday is the e-commerce counterpart to Black Friday. E-commerce brands, from large (such as Amazon and eBay) to small, offer customers majorly discounted prices on things such as electronic goods, or on the price of delivery. For e-commerce brands, the two days function as a double opportunity to make a ton of sales. But how does their strategy and their success differ from Friday to Monday?

Brand Stories from Engage 2013: Telstra and AO.com image

Brand Stories from Engage 2013: Telstra…

Engage NYC 2013 was our biggest social media event of the year. We got to hear from leading brands and agencies in social care, and learned their stories and insights on creating some of the world’s best digital content and service. There were so many excellent presentations we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but here are two highlights we’d like to share. Look out for more Engage highlights coming soon!

Videos Under Two Minutes Generate the Most YouTube Views image

Videos Under Two Minutes Generate the…

Using YouTube to reach your Fan’s can be a tricky proposition. Done right, and you can create something that your audience will remember for a long time after, and will want to share with their friends. Videos have the potential to really go viral. But how long should a video be? Make it too long, and people will be yawning and looking for something more interesting to occupy their time. Make it too short, and you might risk your content being easily forgettable and your message undelivered.

A Quick Look Back at Engage NYC 2013! image

A Quick Look Back at Engage NYC 2013!

Last Thursday, we hosted the international conference on social media marketing in New York City. Engage NYC 2013 brought speakers and attendees from all corners of the world. Industry innovators shared their experiences, including successes and mistakes they learned while growing their engagement with their fans and customers. We also learned about new trends and looked at tools for the future of social marketing.