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Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website

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Want to Succeed with Facebook Videos? Keep Them Short

Want to Succeed with Facebook Videos? Keep Them Short

We've seen a massive increase in Facebook Videos in the News Feed. Since Facebook has recently unveiled new metrics to help marketers understand how their videos are performing, we took a look at how people have been interacting with videos.

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Meet Sobrr, the anti-Facebook app
(CNN) -- What would you do if you only had one day to live? Probably not spend time downloading and fiddling with a mobile app, we're guessing. But a new app, Sobrr, wants you to embrace life in just that way. It lets you create a social network geared ...

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Slate Magazine
What Happens When You Hide Everything on Facebook?
Slate Magazine
The reason for the split, as Digiday and others have pointed out, may be that Facebook's algorithm is specifically designed to show you feel-good stories—ones that you're more likely to share. Violence and strife are bad for virality. When the ...
How Facebook and Twitter control what you see about FergusonWashington Post
How Ferguson Exposed Facebook's Breaking News ProblemBuzzFeed
#Ferguson Exposes the Fault Lines Between Facebook and TwitterBusinessweek
Tech Times -International Business Times -Digiday
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Texas woman sues Facebook over revenge porn profile
Ali alleges that an ex-friend set up a fake Facebook page under her name using pictures of her face superposed onto pornographic images. He then sent links to Ali's Family and friends. “He would lure them in, he would add them and then show them these ...
Woman files lawsuit against Facebook for revenge porn
Woman sues Facebook for $123 million over 'revenge porn'KTRK-TV
Texas woman seeks $123M for false Facebook
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Class action against Facebook attracts 60000 users
Schrems said the Vienna Regional Court had ordered Facebook Ireland to respond within four weeks to his claims, which include that the social network aided the U.S. National Security Agency in mining the personal data of Facebook users. Facebook ...
European Facebook Class Action Suit Attracts 60K Users As It Passes First ...TechCrunch
Facebook forced to respond to privacy complaints of 25000 EuropeansZDNet
Facebook must confront massive privacy class action in EuropeSiliconBeat
Times of India
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CBS Local
'Ice Bucket Challenge' Epicenter Is Boston, Says Facebook
CBS Local
Facebook announced that its data team has analyzed viral activity related to the Ice Bucket Challenge between June 1 and August 17. The numbers show that more than 28 million users were talking about the challenge and that during that time frame, 2.4 ...
Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Is a Watershed Moment for FacebookMashable
Kevin Hart's Facebook Helps Send 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong ...TheWrap
Facebook map shows how worldwide Ice Bucket Challenge spread from BostonWCVB Boston

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'Facebook Drug Task Force' hoax dupes thousands of stoners (blog)
The idea of a specialized task force designed to monitor Facebook accounts for drug mentions is a terrifying one for the average teen pot-head. Thus, when it was reported on Monday that Facebook would soon be working with authorities to help "arrest ...
No, Facebook is Not Creating a 'Drug Task Force' to Monitor MessagesThe Daily Chronic
HOAX: There's no such thing as a Facebook Drug Task ForceGMA News
Potheads panic as 'Facebook Drug Task Force' rumours go viralMetro
Naked Security -WebProNews
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How Much Should You Know About How Facebook Works?
The Atlantic
Hancock co-authored a now infamous study about a secret Facebook experiment he and other researchers constructed to study emotional contagion. The work involved changing what users saw in their News Feeds as a way to manipulate their emotional ...

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