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Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website

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Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Our exclusive social media Industry Reports are now available. To evaluate how social is being leveraged to meet business goals, Socialbakers has collected insights from 14 key industries. You’re welcome! To highlight the kind of insights available in these reports, below we highlight one of social’s more colorful industries: Fashion & Beauty.

Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

The regional reports for March 2014 are now available! Socialbakers have collected insights from over 70 countries to evaluate how our analytics solutions can serve social business objectives. For some highlights, we picked four of the top regional performers on Facebook to see what social marketing lessons they can offer. Even if you’re a seasoned social pro, it’s always good to get a refresher on the basics. So let’s get refreshed!

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Facebook launches friend-tracking feature
(CNN) -- Your phone always knows where you are. And now, if you want, your Facebook friends will always know where you are, too. Facebook is introducing a mobile feature called Nearby Friends that taps into that steady stream of location information so ...
Facebook 'Nearby Friends' Will Track Your Location History To Target You With ...TechCrunch
Facebook Can Now Track Your Precise Location Continuously Through Your ...Business Insider
Facebook's Nearby Friends service will share your location with friendsDaily Mail
CNET -U.S. News & World Report -Mashable
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Digital Trends
Facebook's Paper app is looking less and less like Facebook
The Verge
With Paper, Facebook set out to prove that it could "think small," rebuilding itself from the ground up for mobile devices. This meant removing lots of clutter, and in some cases, leaving out certain features that some Facebook users might have ...
Facebook's Paper for iOS Gets Birthdays, Events, Photo CommentsThe Next Web
Facebook Paper now with more FacebookCNET
Facebook Says Paper Users Browse 80 Stories A Day, Adds Features That Let It ...TechCrunch
Digital Trends -The Wire -Mashable
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New York Times (blog)
Facebook's Existential Crisis
New York Times (blog)
In February, 181 million people visited Facebook's website and apps, but there could be Jim Wilson/The New York TimesIn February, 181 million people visited Facebook's website and apps, but there could be a difference between checking a site out of ...

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The Wire
Facebook's 'Great Unbundling' Will Make It Easier to Ignore the Noise (and ...
The Wire
The "Great Unbundling," as GigaOm puts it, signals that the future of Facebook is less in its main app than in smaller, more specifically-focused apps. Rather than a one-stop shop for networking, you might use Messenger just for chatting and Instagram ...
The future of Facebook may not say 'Facebook'
No more Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg has a vision says Ben HorowitzYahoo Finance (blog)
Zuckerberg talks WhatsApp and the future Facebook conglomerateAlbany Business Review
DailyTech -Business Insider
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Facebook's New Twist on Location Sharing Puts Users in Control
New York Times (blog)
On Thursday, Facebook is taking the wraps off a new feature, under development for four years outside and inside the company, that allows mobile users to share their location with their friends on the service. Called Nearby Friends, the service is ...

Facebook removes my post about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy
Fox News
I realized I had landed in the Facebook gulag when I tried to post our daily Bible verse. However, I was unable to post anything because Facebook had taken great offense to something I had written. “We removed something your page posted,” Facebook told ...

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It's Time to Ditch Facebook and Start Over
Most of us have had Facebook accounts for the past few years, if not a decade. But time and bloat have turned once-beloved font of nostalgia into an onslaught of faux-sentimental sludge from strangers. So as Facebook stands poised to break itself into ...

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