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Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website

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Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Socialbakers recently acquired the market-leading analytics tool for the Facebook News Feed algorithm, EdgeRank Checker. It provides an incredibly detailed look into how to conquer one of the most enigmatic parts of working in social media marketing today.

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

This is the story of one of the best-conceived social campaigns ever run. Adidas, makers of the official World Cup Match Ball since 1970, has always incorporated top-flight technology and the host nation’s culture into the tournament football. But until now, they’d never given their product the chance to speak for itself.

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

You don’t need to fret about how to best explain complex metrics to upper management or clients - Socialbakers Analytics has built-in reporting functions so that you can satisfy everyone, save time and money, and never have to stress!

Facebook tiene su mejor año en Engagement para marcas y medios.

Facebook tiene su mejor año en Engagement para marcas y medios.

La conversación que al parecer esta dominando a la comunidad de mercadotecnia, trata acerca de como el nuevo algoritmo de Facebook esta afectando el alcance orgánico. Nuestros números dicen lo contrario; las marcas nunca han tenido una mejor oportunidad de posicionar su contenido al público.

Facebook Just Had its Best Year for Brand and Media Engagement

Facebook Just Had its Best Year for Brand and Media Engagement

The conversation that seems to be dominating the Facebook marketing community is all about how algorithmic changes to Facebook’s News Feed are hurting organic reach. Our numbers say the opposite; brands have never had a better opportunity to have their best content placed in front of so many people.

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Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media ...
Two years after acqhiring read-it-later startup Spool, Facebook today launched a basic Pocket competitor called Save. It's a feature for iOS, Android, and web that lets you store links from News Feed and Facebook Pages for Places, Events, Movies, TV ...
Facebook's Save Button Bookmarks Content For LaterInformationWeek
Facebook Steps Up News Game With Save for Later FeatureMashable
Facebook introduces 'Save' featureUSA TODAY
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SFGate (blog)
Hillary Clinton Hits Facebook, Twitter HQ for Surprise Q&A Monday
Hillary Clinton knows how to please both sides of the aisle — when it comes to Silicon Valley tech giants, at least. The former Secretary of State will visit both Facebook and Twitter headquarters on Monday, participating in virtual Q&A conversations ...
Hillary Clinton to visit Twitter, Facebook and Google todaySan Francisco Examiner
Hillary Clinton answers questions on Facebook todaySFGate (blog)
Hillary Clinton Takes to Facebook and Twitter for Public Q&
KTVU San Francisco -Business Insider -CBS Local
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Didn't Read Facebook's Fine Print? Here's Exactly What It Says
Huffington Post
So, like every other one of the world's 1.28 billion monthly active Facebook users, you blindly agreed to Facebook's Terms and Conditions without reading the fine print. You entrusted your photo albums, private messages and relationships to a website ...

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Facebook Earnings Preview: Good Performance Expected to Continue
Facebook will release its Q2 2014 results on July 23. The expectations are high considering the company's performance in recent quarters. We expect a significant year-over-year jump in ad revenues driven by higher ad pricing and the number of ad ...
Facebook Stock Near Highs As Earnings Report LoomsInvestor's Business Daily
Can India save Facebook?ZDNet
Here's How Facebook Is Beating GoogleSeeking Alpha
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Inside Facebook
Facebook's $2 Billion Acquisition Of Oculus Closes, Now Official
Facebook now owns Oculus. The $2 billion acquisition deal of the virtual reality pioneer announced in March has been approved by regulators and today become official. The FCC's anti-trust team greenlighted the deal in April. Now it has passed the ...
Facebook officially closes $2B acquisition of Oculus VRInside Facebook
Facebook's acquisition of Oculus is now officialJoystiq
Facebook closes Oculus VR acquisition -- let the virtual-reality 'liking' beginVentureBeat
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Facebook Explains Why It Wants to Be a Retail Store
The button should come as no surprise. Inside the company, a man named Nicolas Franchet has long worked as Facebook's global head of retail and e-commerce. His job is to figure out how to leverage the site's command of your time and attention to turn ...
Is the Facebook 'Buy' Button a Threat to Amazon and Twitter?Motley Fool
How Facebook beat Wall Street with data and tripled its share priceThe Next Web
Facebook Buy button: Will you hit it?Tech Times
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Facebook Hires NBA's Dan Reed to Head Sports Partnerships
Dan Reed, president of the National Basketball Association's minor-league operations, is joining Facebook to head up global sports strategy and partnerships with leagues, teams and athletes. Reed will report to Nick Grudin, director of partnerships at ...
Sources: D-League president resigns to take job with FacebookYahoo Sports
Report: NBA D-League President Resigns; Takes Job With
Report: NBA D-League President Dan Reed Leaving For Job at FacebookRidiculous Upside
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BBC News
Flight MH17 Victims Targeted in Facebook and Credit Card Scams
SYDNEY — In a sick revelation, scammers have set up fake Facebook profiles using the identities of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 victims amid claims that credit cards may have been stolen from the crash site. On Friday, Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko ...
MH17: Twitter and Facebook spammers exploit crashBBC News
MH17 Scams: Malaysia Airlines Crash Spawns Facebook, Twitter Fraud; Expect ...International Business Times
Families Of Malaysian Plane Crash Victims Face Facebook, Credit Card ScamsThinkProgress
ConsumerAffairs -ITProPortal
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