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The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

The 2014 World Cup had some great goals, excellent ad campaigns, and one bite. On June 24th, when Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder, it was the third time he had bitten an opponent during a match, and everyone - fans, FIFA, and brands - took note.

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Socialbakers recently acquired the market-leading analytics tool for the Facebook News Feed algorithm, EdgeRank Checker. It provides an incredibly detailed look into how to conquer one of the most enigmatic parts of working in social media marketing today.

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

This is the story of one of the best-conceived social campaigns ever run. Adidas, makers of the official World Cup Match Ball since 1970, has always incorporated top-flight technology and the host nation’s culture into the tournament football. But until now, they’d never given their product the chance to speak for itself.

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

You don’t need to fret about how to best explain complex metrics to upper management or clients - Socialbakers Analytics has built-in reporting functions so that you can satisfy everyone, save time and money, and never have to stress!

Facebook tiene su mejor año en Engagement para marcas y medios.

Facebook tiene su mejor año en Engagement para marcas y medios.

La conversación que al parecer esta dominando a la comunidad de mercadotecnia, trata acerca de como el nuevo algoritmo de Facebook esta afectando el alcance orgánico. Nuestros números dicen lo contrario; las marcas nunca han tenido una mejor oportunidad de posicionar su contenido al público.

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Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media ...
Two years after acqhiring read-it-later startup Spool, Facebook today launched a basic Pocket competitor called Save. It's a feature for iOS, Android, and web that lets you store links from News Feed and Facebook Pages for Places, Events, Movies, TV ...
Facebook launches bookmarking feature 'Save'The Guardian
Facebook introduces Save, a new bookmarking feature to help tame your News ...The Next Web
Facebook introduces 'Save' featureWKYC-TV
Mashable -Forbes
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Here's What William Shatner Thinks of Facebook's New Celebs-Only App
Actor William Shatner, an outspoken Twitter rights activist, took to Tumblr Tuesday to review Facebook Mentions, the new celebrities-only app meant to boost public figures' interactions with their fans. And he isn't too amused. The Star Trek alum ...
William Shatner Slams Facebook App Designed for Celebs Like HimMashable
William Shatner Reviewed Facebook's App For Celebrities And He's Not ...Business Insider
William Shatner reviews Facebook's new Mentions celebrity app and finds it ...The Next Web (blog) -SlashGear
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Facebook Earnings Offer An Options Opportunity
Strong engagement data is propelling Facebook into Wednesday's second-quarter earnings report. The social media company's market share of all time spent on the Internet was about 18% in June for desktops, and 20% for mobile devices, according to ...

BBC News
Facebook and Twitter Users: Don't Fall for MH17 'Actual Footage' Scams
If you run across Facebook pages touting pictures of Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash victims, or tweets linking to reports on the disaster, warning: they may be fakes, harbor malware or redirect you to pornographic websites. The BBC reports that ...
MH17: Twitter and Facebook spammers exploit crashBBC News
Fake MH17 Facebook Tributes Support Porn Sites, Gambling AdsHuffington Post
Facebook scammers hijack names of Malaysia Flight 17 victimsWashington Post (blog)
RT -Bloomberg -Daily Mail
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Following Login Changes, Facebook Extends Social Login Dominance
The social network has extended its dominance in the area of social logins, now claiming 55% of all social logins, according to recent data from Gigya, social-login provider for customers like Verizon, CNN and ABC. Clicking "log in with Facebook" on a ...
Q2: Facebook remains dominant in social logins, gains in travel and hospitalityInside Facebook
Facebook's social logins share grows to 55% as G+ and Yahoo fallThe Next Web
The Landscape of Social Login: Facebook Widens the GapBusiness 2 Community
Techvibes (blog)
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Facebook is the best-performing stock in the S&P
It was Facebook's earnings report from the second-quarter of 2013, that really got Facebook shares moving. The report shifted the narrative about the stock away from its bungled IPO and toward the potential for Facebook to make money on mobile ad sales.

Facebook's earnings hinge on mobile turnaround
Facebook's reliance on traditional Web advertising is a thing of the past. Two years removed from its controversial initial public offering, the social network has rapidly become the second-biggest recipient of mobile ad dollars, behind Google. Those ...

International Business Times
The Best 401(k)s: Retire at 60 From Conoco With $3.8 Million; Facebook Last
A first-of-its-kind ranking of 401(k) plans at the 250 biggest companies in the U.S. found that ConocoPhillips and Abbott Laboratories are among those that provide the most lucrative retirement benefits. Among the least generous are Facebook Inc., ...
Facebook Has The Worst 401(k), New Report SaysInternational Business Times
The companies with the stingiest 401(k) plansWashington Post (blog)

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James Ellis Is Blowing Up on Facebook! Wait, Who Is This Dude?
Slate Magazine (blog)
We're all vaguely aware that Facebook's algorithms are working behind the scenes to select what we see in our news feeds. It's not a perfect system, but basically, when photos of a friend you haven't talked to in years start popping up everywhere (she ...

The Guardian
Facebook closes its $2bn Oculus Rift acquisition. What next?
The Guardian
The uncharitable view is that Oculus VR is a boy's toy for Facebook's still-youthful CEO: he tried the Rift, and loved it so much he bought the company. Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg himself says it's more a long-term strategic bet on the future for ...
Facebook officially closes $2B acquisition of Oculus VRInside Facebook
Facebook Completes Oculus Rift Purchase, Goes On Hiring SpreeInternational Business Times
Oculus and Facebook Close Virtual-Reality DealWall Street Journal (blog)
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