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Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website

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The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

The World Cup & The Bite Tweeted ‘Round the World

The 2014 World Cup had some great goals, excellent ad campaigns, and one bite. On June 24th, when Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder, it was the third time he had bitten an opponent during a match, and everyone - fans, FIFA, and brands - took note.

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Socialbakers recently acquired the market-leading analytics tool for the Facebook News Feed algorithm, EdgeRank Checker. It provides an incredibly detailed look into how to conquer one of the most enigmatic parts of working in social media marketing today.

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

How Adidas Gave Life to the Brazuca

This is the story of one of the best-conceived social campaigns ever run. Adidas, makers of the official World Cup Match Ball since 1970, has always incorporated top-flight technology and the host nation’s culture into the tournament football. But until now, they’d never given their product the chance to speak for itself.

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

Get the Most From Your Social Reports

You don’t need to fret about how to best explain complex metrics to upper management or clients - Socialbakers Analytics has built-in reporting functions so that you can satisfy everyone, save time and money, and never have to stress!

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Inside Facebook
Facebook Is Forcing Messenger on Users and They Aren't Happy About It
If Foursquare's attempt to force users into Swarm taught us anything, it's that people really don't like being forced into using apps. Facebook, never one to heed the lessons of history, will soon be forcing its iOS and Android users over to Facebook ...
Facebook Forces Users Worldwide To Download Messenger For Mobile ChatTechCrunch
Facebook moves all mobile chat to Messenger appPCWorld
Facebook requires standalone Messenger app for mobile chatCNET
Inside Facebook (blog) -Yahoo Tech
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Facebook Stock Is Classic Example Of Bubble
Facebook is utterly overvalued. It is becoming a bellwether for this equity boom and it will likely be the signal for the bust to come. For a contrarian it's hard to be bullish at the moment. The market is just too strong for a contrarian. Happily the ...

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Facebook Isn't the Only Website Running Experiments on Human Beings
It was the Facebook study heard 'round the world. In June, the social network revealed that it had briefly tweaked its algorithm for a lucky (or unlucky) 698,003 users to make them feel happier (or sadder) based on what they see on their Newsfeed.
OKCupid, Facebook Not Alone in Studying ConsumersABC News
OkCupid and Facebook Aren't the Only Ones Manipulating You, but That's No ...VICE News
Dating site OKCupid admits to Facebook-style psychological testing on
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I killed Facebook and left its body in the woods
The Verge
It only makes us more efficient — for doing things that Facebook invented. It is for moving 10-ton pallets of old photos, for lifting endless "streams" of "content," and for carrying around our big data — the new byproduct of our existence — on our ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)
Privacy groups call for action to stop Facebook's off site user tracking plans
U.S. and EU privacy and consumer groups called on privacy regulators to stop Facebook's plans to gather the Internet browsing patterns of its users while they visit other sites. The groups, gathered in the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) asked ...
Is Facebook learning to embrace privacy?Washington Post (blog)
Privacy Groups Send Letter To FTC, Demand Facebook InvestigationDaily Caller
Groups push feds to halt Facebook's trackingThe Hill
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Facebook Moves Mobile Chat Users To The Separate Messenger App
If you like to chat on Facebook using your mobile device, then you will have to use the separate Facebook Messenger app from now on. Facebook is spinning out mobile messaging from its main mobile app and routing users to the Messenger app.

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