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Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website

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Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Our exclusive social media Industry Reports are now available. To evaluate how social is being leveraged to meet business goals, Socialbakers has collected insights from 14 key industries. You’re welcome! To highlight the kind of insights available in these reports, below we highlight one of social’s more colorful industries: Fashion & Beauty.

Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

The regional reports for March 2014 are now available! Socialbakers have collected insights from over 70 countries to evaluate how our analytics solutions can serve social business objectives. For some highlights, we picked four of the top regional performers on Facebook to see what social marketing lessons they can offer. Even if you’re a seasoned social pro, it’s always good to get a refresher on the basics. So let’s get refreshed!

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Move over Facebook, Alibaba's mega IPO is coming
The company has since evolved into the dominant force in China's e-commerce industry, a market with so much potential that Alibaba's IPO may be the largest ever by a tech company -- surpassing even the $16 billion raised by Facebook. Alibaba is often ...
China's Tencent looking to expand globally to take on Facebook, Amazon and ...GeekWire
Bigger than Facebook? Investors hunger for US float of Chinese web retailer ...This is Money

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Wall Street Journal
Facebook Ads Will Lift FB Stock Higher
It seems like only yesterday when Wall Street was lamenting Facebook's (FB) lack of a digital strategy. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg wisely ignored the naysayers and has developed a strategy that is working like gangbusters — mobile Facebook ads.
Facebook First-Quarter Earnings: What to WatchRe/code
Facebook Plans Mobile-Ad NetworkWall Street Journal
Facebook (FB) Q1 2014 Earnings Preview: Profits Continue To Grow From ...International Business Times
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Facebook's auto-playing videos are working for marketers
In September 2013, Facebook made the controversial decision to start automatically playing videos (without sound) in News Feed -- but marketers posting in video form likely aren't complaining. In the first three months of the year, brand posts with ...
Facebook engagement surges, marketers get Google counterweightZDNet
Adobe: Facebook's referred revenue per visit grew quarterlyThe Next Web
Facebook Q1 Earnings Expected To Double As Ads GrowInvestor's Business Daily
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The Atlantic
The Best (and Worst) NBA Teams at Facebook
The Atlantic
And now, Facebook is the dominant place where those fans perform their identities online. The franchise Facebook page has become a key indicator of business health. So, Spanish researchers at the University of Extremadura decided to create a tool that ...

Facebook Now Powers More Than Half Of All Social Logins
Social logins are a convenient way to sign in to services without having to go through lengthy sign-up procedures and setting up yet another password. According to the latest data from social login service Gigya, Facebook remains the absolute market ...

The Guardian
Pavel Durov: founder of Russia's Facebook and no friend of Putin
The Guardian
That sounds very familiar. Has anyone ever compared VK to, say, Facebook? Actually they have. And it really is an extraordinary coincidence, because Durov founded VK in 2006, shortly after Facebook became famous. Plus the sites look almost identical, ...
CEO Of "Russian Facebook" Says He Was Fired And That The Social Network Is ...BuzzFeed
Putin Has Taken Control Of Russian FacebookBusiness Insider
Did the Kremlin just 'unfriend' the founder of Russia's Facebook?Christian Science Monitor
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Daily Mail
Australian girl April-Lee's last chilling Facebook post before she was struck ...
Daily Mail
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, April's sister Kimberly wrote on Facebook: '(April is) in ICU on life support bleeding from her brain and not breathing on her own. 'She may of been abused or a hit and run between 12.30 and 1.30.' This afternoon ...
'I need help': hit-and-run victim April-lee Gillen's Facebook pleaSydney Morning Herald
Teenager April-Lee Gillen posted on Facebook 'guy just stopped me' before 'hit ...ABC Online
Teen's cryptic Facebook post before 'hit run incident'Ninemsn
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