Guidepost with market-specific data for various top brands on Facebook in different countries.

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Basic overview of Facebook brands and users

Facebook Overview Statistics page shows a simple overview of the top performing Facebook brands and Facebook users. It serves as a clean guidepost to more detailed information and statistics that can be found in the respective section on our website


In September of 2011, Socialbakers acquired, a free analytics tool measuring complete demographics on Facebook. This website presents data that express the amount of Facebook users in real numbers and percentages by country, gender and age. The information is especially useful when conducting an advertising campaign and based on the collected statistics, marketers are able to determine the best location to target their advertisements.

Knowing which markets contain your core demographic will narrow down your target range for a more effective campaign. With this tool it is much easier to market, for example, beauty products to women if you understand where the majority of women are, and in which age range. However, the information is also useful for anyone interested in understanding the growth of Facebook. works by providing an interactive world map complete with user data for each country. Users simply click the desired country to view the statistical data in number, percentage and graphical forms. Tables displaying the largest countries and fastest growing countries by week are also supplied. The percentage of a country’s total population using Facebook is also offered under “Online Population.” In addition to the free statistical data, provides a newsfeed of current articles from various social media sources, including exclusive Socialbakers articles.