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On this page you will find the currently monitored brands that have Facebook Pages in India. Note that we are listing all of the countries according to specific tags. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try using our search on the left to find a specific Facebook Page. If you would like to gain valuable insights of these Facebook Pages or others, please use our Facebook monitoring tool.

Sort the data according to ER (Engagement Rate) and RR (average Response Rate). Analytics allows you to understand your audience, measure your Facebook marketing success and optimize your content, as well as identify key influencers, monitor engagement and track growth. Optimize your social media presence, increase engagement rates and generate beautiful visual reports all within one easy-touse platform. Use it to track user interaction on their Facebook Fan Page and compare performance. You can publish the best possible content on your Facebook Page and earn the biggest return on your social media investment.

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Fastest Growing Pages

5 fastest growing Facebook pages last day.
Name Fans
Nikon Nikon +15 108
Aircel India Aircel India +14 443
Land Rover India Land Rover India +14 121
Reliance Digital Reliance Digital +10 505
Jaguar India Jaguar India +10 032

Local Ranks include local fan counts from all Facebook Pages. You can view rankings based on their Local Fans count or by the total Page Fans count. Read more

Pages in India

Facebook pages statistics.
# Page IN Local Fans
Fans ER Rating
Engage 2014 New York by Socialbakers