LinkedIn statistics, number of LinkedIn users & demographics BETA

On you can find LinkedIn Statistics from all their 330337316 users. Here you can track and monitor the daily LinkedIn user growth and see the daily reports of this social network’s demographics. If you would like to monitor your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, please use our media monitoring tool.

If you click on a country, you will be able to see LinkedIn statistics together with more details. Moreover, you can analyze the data according to particular countries on an interactive map. Currently, the top 3 countries on LinkedIn are United States, India, Brazil .

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LinkedIn statistics
# Country Users Penetration
21. Philippines
22. Pakistan
23. Peru
24. Belgium
25. United Arab Emirates
26. Sweden
27. Malaysia
28. Nigeria
29. Venezuela
30. Portugal
31. Denmark
32. Saudi Arabia
33. Iran
34. Singapore
35. Romania
36. Poland
37. Switzerland
38. Egypt
39. Ireland
40. Japan