LinkedIn statistics, number of LinkedIn users & demographics BETA

On you can find LinkedIn Statistics from all their 330337316 users. Here you can track and monitor the daily LinkedIn user growth and see the daily reports of this social network’s demographics. If you would like to monitor your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, please use our media monitoring tool.

If you click on a country, you will be able to see LinkedIn statistics together with more details. Moreover, you can analyze the data according to particular countries on an interactive map. Currently, the top 3 countries on LinkedIn are United States, India, Brazil .

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LinkedIn statistics
# Country Users Penetration
41. New Zealand
42. Norway
43. Israel
44. Ukraine
45. Ecuador
46. Thailand
47. Kenya
48. Morocco
49. Hong Kong
50. South Korea
51. Vietnam
52. Greece
53. Bangladesh
54. Algeria
55. Taiwan
56. Czech Republic
57. Finland
58. Ghana
59. Austria
60. Sri Lanka