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# Place Likes Were Here Count
973551. Outside Cafe Outside Cafe
973552. Subway Subway
973553. Restaurant Il Colosseo Restaurant Il Colosseo
973554. University Of Phoenix University Of Phoenix
973555. Skagenstoget Skagenstoget
973556. Dorchester General Hospital Dorchester General Hospital
973557. :::Sumwhere duckd off::: :::Sumwhere duckd off:::
973558. India Garden India Garden
973559. Home Home
973560. Byscenen Byscenen
973561. Snowpark | Courchevel Snowpark | Courchevel
973562. En Mi Casita En Mi Casita
973563. Taco Bell Taco Bell
973564. Quidnet Beach Quidnet Beach
973565. AmericInn AmericInn
973566. Lafayette School Lafayette School
973567. Mediamarkt Mediamarkt
973568. Verdugo Recreation Center Verdugo Recreation Center
973569. Mimos Pizza Mimos Pizza
973570. La Paletera La Paletera
973571. Parkwood Elementary School Parkwood Elementary School
973572. Home Home
973573. City of Franklin, Division of Fire City of Franklin, Division of Fire
973574. 三重自由活水世界 三重自由活水世界
973575. Smashburger Smashburger
973576. Bojangles' Bojangles'
973577. Sonic Drive In Sonic Drive In
973578. Pizzeria Guido Pizzeria Guido
973579. The Mediterranean The Mediterranean
973580. Corrie Park Corrie Park
973581. Harold Chicken & Snack Harold Chicken & Snack
973582. Burger King Burger King
973583. 雜舖居酒食堂 雜舖居酒食堂
973584. Sushi & Thai Sushi & Thai
973585. Sanddancer Sanddancer
973586. 感謝您塩酥雞 感謝您塩酥雞
973587. Studentenwohnheim Hubertusstraße Studentenwohnheim Hubertusstraße
973588. Modoo Teryaki Modoo Teryaki
973589. 金像電子(新光廠) 金像電子(新光廠)
973590. 藝大書店 藝大書店
973591. Casablanca at Bogart's, Key West Casablanca at Bogart's, Key West
973592. Cafe Gyros Cafe Gyros
973593. Dairy Queen Dairy Queen
973594. Laufamholz, Bayern, Germany Laufamholz, Bayern, Germany
973595. Brookdale, Western Australia,… Brookdale, Western Australia, Australia
973596. Sizzling Express Ill Inc Sizzling Express Ill Inc
973597. Camping du Botza Camping du Botza
973598. Bed :) Bed :)
973599. Westward Elementary School Westward Elementary School
973600. Carl's Jr Carl's Jr

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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