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# Place Likes Were Here Count
973551. Got Print Got Print
973552. Residence 49 Residence 49
973553. Katholische Klinken Oberberg - St.… Katholische Klinken Oberberg - St. Josef…
973554. Dalrymple Hall (Resi) Dalrymple Hall (Resi)
973555. Travelport (Galileo) Travelport (Galileo)
973556. Zushi Japanese Restaurant Zushi Japanese Restaurant
973557. Luke's of Mundelein Luke's of Mundelein
973558. The Hermitage The Hermitage
973559. 早安!早安美芝城(平鎮店) 早安!早安美芝城(平鎮店)
973561. Happy Chicken Happy Chicken
973562. McDonald's at 911 East St Nw McDonald's at 911 East St Nw
973563. Avenue Baptist Church Avenue Baptist Church
973564. The Log Cabin The Log Cabin
973565. Super 8 Harlingen TX Super 8 Harlingen TX
973566. Gymnasium Osterbek Gymnasium Osterbek
973567. Helena Middle school Helena Middle school
973569. Mykal Grant Salon Mykal Grant Salon
973570. Henry C. Nevins Home for Aged and… Henry C. Nevins Home for Aged and Incurables
973571. McDonald's at 981 E Main St McDonald's at 981 E Main St
973572. Dan Murphys Thomastown Dan Murphys Thomastown
973573. Ponce Animal Hospital Ponce Animal Hospital
973574. 大棠道 大棠道
973575. Malibu Cigar Lounge Malibu Cigar Lounge
973576. Buty Winery Buty Winery
973577. Blk 61C strathmore avenue Blk 61C strathmore avenue
973578. My House My House
973579. Nail-Tek Nail-Tek
973580. House of Boobs House of Boobs
973581. 東森幼幼安琪卡分園 東森幼幼安琪卡分園
973582. Coffee Carrousel Coffee Carrousel
973583. O'Connells American Bistro O'Connells American Bistro
973584. Sonic Drive In Sonic Drive In
973585. King Dragon King Dragon
973586. Woodburn Missionary Church Woodburn Missionary Church
973587. Tramy Beauty School ES Tramy Beauty School ES
973588. Mystic Waters Day Spa Mystic Waters Day Spa
973589. Xtreme Beauty Xtreme Beauty
973590. Botany industrial Park Botany industrial Park
973591. Shish Kabob's Shish Kabob's
973592. Alexandria Court House Alexandria Court House
973593. SAAB土城保養廠 SAAB土城保養廠
973594. Sanad Freeze Sanad Freeze
973595. McDonald's at 1128 E Lynchburg… McDonald's at 1128 E Lynchburg Salem Tpke
973596. マシニング加工の東港工機 マシニング加工の東港工機
973597. Calvary Community Church of Riva Calvary Community Church of Riva
973598. Los Antojitos Los Antojitos
973599. Pershagenskolan Pershagenskolan
973600. Landmark Nursing Center Landmark Nursing Center

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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