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Facebook places statistics.
# Place Likes Were Here Count
973551. 個人風格 個人風格
973552. Winter Haven Square Publix Winter Haven Square Publix
973553. Portuguese Sporting Club Portuguese Sporting Club
973554. Centenary United Methodist Church,… Centenary United Methodist Church, Modesto
973555. Penn Station East Coast Subs Penn Station East Coast Subs
973556. Nespresso Shop Nespresso Shop
973557. Del Taco Del Taco
973558. The Tongue Hotel The Tongue Hotel
973559. Smith and Wolensky Smith and Wolensky
973560. McDonald's at 106 Lafayette McDonald's at 106 Lafayette
973561. Central Refrigerated Services, Inc Central Refrigerated Services, Inc
973562. 7-11天富 7-11天富
973563. SKZ SKZ
973564. White Hall Soccer fields White Hall Soccer fields
973565. In My Warm Comfy Bed <3 In My Warm Comfy Bed <3
973566. Visions Entertainment Group Visions Entertainment Group
973567. Best Western Best Western
973568. Rockaway Playland Rockaway Playland
973569. TUS Mecklenheide TUS Mecklenheide
973570. Hadlow College Hadlow College
973571. Sportplatz Ergenzingen Sportplatz Ergenzingen
973572. El Mez El Mez
973573. PalaElio PalaElio
973574. KFC KFC
973575. The Blazing Rag The Blazing Rag
973576. Lisa Lisa
973577. American Legion Post 16 of Shelton… American Legion Post 16 of Shelton, Ct
973578. Azteca Mexican Azteca Mexican
973579. Tim Hortons Tim Hortons
973580. Hungry Horse Hungry Horse
973581. Bussen Bussen
973582. Neveria La Flor De Mexico Neveria La Flor De Mexico
973583. Tommy's Restaurant &  Lounge Tommy's Restaurant & Lounge
973584. Dachser Dachser
973585. Coronado Elementary School Coronado Elementary School
973586. 元氣美人spa會館 元氣美人spa會館
973587. Madison Bowling Center Madison Bowling Center
973588. McDonald's at 2006 S Western Avenue McDonald's at 2006 S Western Avenue
973589. Virginia's Center for Innovative… Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology
973590. Costa Costa
973591. Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi
973592. Hobart Hall Hobart Hall
973593. Kappruet Kappruet
973594. Campo sportivo "Ponziana" Campo sportivo "Ponziana"
973595. 隆祥汽車 隆祥汽車
973596. Tucker Hall Tucker Hall
973597. Krogers Krogers
973598. Rivers Edge Rivers Edge
973599. Min Sköna Säng Min Sköna Säng
973600. 王歌 王歌

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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