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Facebook places statistics.
# Place Likes Were Here Count
973551. Weymouth Workies Weymouth Workies
973552. Dinton Hermit Dinton Hermit
973553. Twin City church of Christ Twin City church of Christ
973554. California Sun California Sun
973555. Home Home
973556. Eiscafe Bella Italia Eiscafe Bella Italia
973557. @work @work
973558. Gram's Kitchen Gram's Kitchen
973559. VIP Cuts VIP Cuts
973560. La Fontaine Médicis La Fontaine Médicis
973561. Croque-Haus Croque-Haus
973562. Worldgate 9 Theatres Worldgate 9 Theatres
973563. Haus Rasche Bad Sassendorf Haus Rasche Bad Sassendorf
973564. Restaurant Münchhausen Restaurant Münchhausen
973565. Waltham Abbey Health Centre Waltham Abbey Health Centre
973566. Villa Ferrari Villa Ferrari
973567. United High School - Main Campus United High School - Main Campus
973568. El Caporal El Caporal
973569. Tumut Star Hotel Tumut Star Hotel
973570. Greenwood County Courthouse Greenwood County Courthouse
973571. Boart Longyear Boart Longyear
973572. E. Leclerc E. Leclerc
973573. Uisce Uisce
973574. Toe-tally Tip-sy Nail Salon Toe-tally Tip-sy Nail Salon
973575. My House My House
973576. 清水紫雲巖阿婆粉裸冰 清水紫雲巖阿婆粉裸冰
973577. Dózsa György Rakpart Dózsa György Rakpart
973578. Temple Baptist Church Temple Baptist Church
973579. McDonald's at 3207 Erie Blvd E McDonald's at 3207 Erie Blvd E
973580. Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank
973581. Stockport Magistrates Court Stockport Magistrates Court
973582. The Quad The Quad
973583. Ash Ranges Ash Ranges
973584. Aurora Aurora
973585. Nanyang Centre Clinic Nanyang Centre Clinic
973586. Kan Gym Kan Gym
973587. Åsebøen Åsebøen
973588. Home Home
973589. Las Carnitas Restaurant Las Carnitas Restaurant
973590. Ramada hotel, Horsley Ramada hotel, Horsley
973591. Steiskal und Bäckerei Steiskal und Bäckerei
973592. Delcambre Elementary School Delcambre Elementary School
973593. The Village Corner Deli The Village Corner Deli
973594. Christ Episcopal Church Christ Episcopal Church
973595. Villa Asturias Villa Asturias
973596. Riccotti Sandwich Shop Riccotti Sandwich Shop
973597. Plinyland!!!!!!! Rrbc Plinyland!!!!!!! Rrbc
973598. North Grade Elementary School North Grade Elementary School
973599. My House My House
973600. Arby's Arby's

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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