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Facebook places statistics.
# Place Likes Were Here Count
1947051. Rosemary Conley Rosemary Conley
1947052. RMIT Confessions RMIT Confessions
1947053. Ace Bail Bonding (Raleigh, NC) Ace Bail Bonding (Raleigh, NC)
1947054. Akhbar Masrya - اخبار مصرية Akhbar Masrya - اخبار مصرية
1947055. Shqipëria Jonë Shqipëria Jonë
1947056. Thatcher Pools & Spas, Inc Thatcher Pools & Spas, Inc
1947057. Casa de Salud 01 800 8322 088 Casa de Salud 01 800 8322 088
1947058. Randonnée en Midi-Pyrénées Randonnée en Midi-Pyrénées
1947059. George Glazer Gallery George Glazer Gallery
1947060. TD Tom Davies TD Tom Davies
1947061. Zo Kinderopvang Zo Kinderopvang
1947062. CUPA-HR CUPA-HR
1947063. Plentyparts Plentyparts
1947064. Maxus Australia Maxus Australia
1947065. WinWin Marketing Ltd WinWin Marketing Ltd
1947066. Secrets of Heart Secrets of Heart
1947067. Estrella Estrella
1947068. Vedovati  Equestre - O mundo dos… Vedovati Equestre - O mundo dos cavalos
1947069. Sterenborg Bruidsmode Sterenborg Bruidsmode
1947070. Satya Group Satya Group
1947071. Underwater Camera Gear Underwater Camera Gear
1947072. EY Croatia Careers EY Croatia Careers
1947073. Bodegas Ruberte C B Bodegas Ruberte C B
1947074. Petuniadesigns Petuniadesigns
1947075. BendNote BendNote
1947076. DP Barros Arquitetos Associados DP Barros Arquitetos Associados
1947077. Anime Nexus Anime Nexus
1947078. International House Coaching International House Coaching
1947079. Sport - University of Waikato Sport - University of Waikato
1947080. Kukla Festivali Kukla Festivali
1947081. Vedanta Wake up Vedanta Wake up
1947082. 365, MMP 365, MMP
1947084. RMR-Soft RMR-Soft
1947085. Skylines Skylines
1947086. Trứng Gà Tenga Trứng Gà Tenga
1947087. Silicon Village Silicon Village
1947088. Eficácia Farmácia de Manipulação Eficácia Farmácia de Manipulação
1947089. Divya Energy Divya Energy
1947090. Obecní úřad - Královské Poříčí Obecní úřad - Královské Poříčí
1947091. OD Labe - Ústí nad Labem OD Labe - Ústí nad Labem
1947092. Gilbert's Professional Pest Control Gilbert's Professional Pest Control
1947093. Hebeco BVBA Hebeco BVBA
1947094. ProcreaTec, Centro de fertilidad y… ProcreaTec, Centro de fertilidad y genética
1947095. Mamaway AU Mamaway AU
1947096. MK3 Propaganda MK3 Propaganda
1947098. Khairmax Khairmax
1947099. Ironman 4x4 NZ Ironman 4x4 NZ
1947100. A Head of Nature Hair Studio A Head of Nature Hair Studio

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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