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Facebook places statistics.
# Place Likes Were Here Count
1947051. Maria di Napoli Maria di Napoli
1947052. Marmi Bruno Zanet Srl Marmi Bruno Zanet Srl
1947053. 4 Sisters 4 Sisters
1947054. No More Toxic Teeth (Consumers for… No More Toxic Teeth (Consumers for Dental Choice)
1947055. Ruby Palace Ruby Palace
1947056. PULSO Internet & Consultoría PULSO Internet & Consultoría
1947057. Restaurant 2 Night - Česká… Restaurant 2 Night - Česká Republika
1947058. EFOR Bilgisayar EFOR Bilgisayar
1947059. GA&A GA&A
1947060. I-Radio Jogja fanpage I-Radio Jogja fanpage
1947061. Winter-Cup Winter-Cup
1947062. Serenity Medical Evaluations Serenity Medical Evaluations
1947063. Alue B:n Vaalikokous Savonlinnan… Alue B:n Vaalikokous Savonlinnan Seudulla
1947064. Empire Events Empire Events
1947065. Oasis Centre For Reproductive… Oasis Centre For Reproductive Medicine
1947066. Not For Sale Fellows Program Not For Sale Fellows Program
1947067. i-phone.phorum.cz i-phone.phorum.cz
1947068. FattoreMamma FattoreMamma
1947069. TOOL Hockeyshop TOOL Hockeyshop
1947070. Cape Town eta Campus Cape Town eta Campus
1947071. Turner4D Turner4D
1947072. Cam's Coffee House Cam's Coffee House
1947074. Oceanside Real Estate and D.W.'s… Oceanside Real Estate and D.W.'s Oceanside Inn
1947075. Hyundai Tebet Hyundai Tebet
1947076. Ramirez Ramirez
1947077. Clicked Creative Clicked Creative
1947078. UW-Madison Science Outreach UW-Madison Science Outreach
1947079. National Industrial Supply National Industrial Supply
1947080. Design a Cuisine: Consultant Chef… Design a Cuisine: Consultant Chef Yogesh Arora
1947081. Nlp Akademi Nlp Akademi
1947082. Elite Tours of Atlanta Elite Tours of Atlanta
1947083. Jiffy Self Storage Jiffy Self Storage
1947084. عالم غراس عالم غراس
1947085. Reklama Facebook'e Reklama Facebook'e
1947086. Hiphoplife.TV Medya Group Hiphoplife.TV Medya Group
1947087. LULA Almería LULA Almería
1947088. Chalet Ziakos Konitsa Ioannina -… Chalet Ziakos Konitsa Ioannina - Ξενώνας Ζιάκος…
1947089. Editerat - Bli framgångsrik på… Editerat - Bli framgångsrik på nätet
1947090. Cree Inc. Cree Inc.
1947091. buenplan tv buenplan tv
1947092. Accu-Chek SA Accu-Chek SA
1947093. 靜宜志光 靜宜志光
1947094. FranchiseOpportunities.com FranchiseOpportunities.com
1947095. Aste Brandstore Aste Brandstore
1947096. Café con Web Café con Web
1947097. Closets By Design Chicago Closets By Design Chicago
1947098. Real Cam Balkon Real Cam Balkon
1947099. Cinema Gaumont Cinema Gaumont
1947100. Lee's Trucking Lee's Trucking

Note: Statistics for Facebook Places is in BETA. We are currently only monitoring places that have "were here count" metric higher than a minimal value.

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