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Socialbakers Analytics - Social Marketing Made Easy

Socialbakers Analytics forms a core part of the Advanced Analytics solution. Put the industry’s largest, most comprehensive social media dataset to work for you with custom benchmarking, competitive social analytics, unique KPIs, and one-click reporting - across all the major social platforms.

Make smarter decisions. Deliver greater results.

Social Media Analytics

Social listening is still essential, but it’s an analytics world and marketers need to know how their content is performing and why. We’ve made comparing vs the competition, industry, or any custom group you can come up with easier than ever.

Unlock Paid vs Organic

When you're assessing content performance, you need all the data - especially when it comes to paid vs organic reach. Without this, how can you tell which subjects or posts are truly popular with your audience versus that that have been promoted? In short, you can’t. With Promoted Post Detection, we’ve got you covered.

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We use Socialbakers Analytics to better understand…

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It’s a very difficult thing to add this type of…

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Fast, Professional Reporting

We know you have to spend a bunch of time each week, each month, running reports and gathering data to show the team, the boss, and the big boss what’s going on. With Socialbakers Analytics, you can customize and schedule informative, beautifully designed reports for every level of your organization with just a couple of clicks.

Flexible Pricing for Large and Small Organizations

Are you a company with dozens of brand Pages across multiple geographies, or are you only managing a single profile on each major platform? For businesses large and small, we have flexible pricing to reflect the scale of coverage you need.

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All Your Social Ads

Are you promoting your best content? Are you reaching the right audience? How does your social ad performance stack up against the competition? Socialbakers puts all your Twitter and Facebook ad data right in front of you - no more guesswork, no more hunches. Just results.

First-Class Social
Customer Care

Customers ask brands nearly 2 million questions per month on social, and responsive brands see 3x more interactions. The problem is that most brands - over 90%, in fact - are remarkably unresponsive. With Socialbakers Analytics, you can track Question Response Rate and Time and start showing your customers you care.

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