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Socialbakers Executive Dashboard

Understanding the data behind social is key to success, whatever your objectives. Track how your performance on social impacts everything from website traffic and sales to customer care and more - all within a single advanced solution. Put the actionable data insights you need to succeed easily within reach.

Connect Your Digital Assets to Your Business Goals

One home for all your data

See aggregated data for all your social platforms in one place. No need to pull data or log in to separate accounts. Simply select the brands, regions or groups you want to look at.

Compare brands, countries, regions

Hundreds of data sources summarized in a single comparison view, allowing you to easily track performance during a selected time range. Find inspiration from seeing what worked for your competitors.

Save time with automated reporting

Get all the reports you need delivered to your inbox regularly and easily share the results with your stakeholders or teams.

Link social and web performance

Bring two critical digital platforms into a single view to track the evolution of metrics like web visits, average time on sites, and goal conversion rates. Monitor how social affects web performance.

Measure your brand’s health

Get an easy-to-understand rating of how well you are doing on leading social media networks compared to your competitors. Add the Social Health Index to drive decisions at the executive level.


    • Quick initial setup
    • Easily customize your data
    • Rapid sharing with teams and colleagues
    • Branded reporting
    • 3rd party integration (Google Analytics, etc.)
    • Comprehensive support and training
    • Fully automated
    • Thousands of ways to parse data

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