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Socialbakers Executive Dashboard

Plug in. Analyze.
Take Action.

Connect all of your digital assets
to your core business goals.

  • What is it?

    Socialbakers Executive Dashboard enables you to see and understand your performance across multiple social and digital platforms. Organize your data and reporting in a scalable way that suits your needs and gives you the insights you need to be a smarter social marketer.

  • Make Savvy Decisions

    With customizable, easy-to-understand reporting, you can see how digital and social efforts are contributing to overall business goals. The dashboard tracks ROI of social and digital activities so users can make the most cost-effective decisions to reach your targets and then some.

  • Save Time & Money

    Stop wasting time with multiple analytics applications. The Socialbakers Executive Dashboard provides a high-level summary of web and social media performance from multiple sources. With quick setup and training, you'll be running your business and not running report after report.

  • See The Big Picture

    Fully customizable reporting means you can add data from anywhere. Want to see how social campaigns are impacting web traffic? Add your web analytics data. How is all your social activity impacting sales? Integrate SalesForce numbers. See all the numbers that matter, all in once place.


    • Fully customizable
    • Matches company structure
    • Product and regional visualization
    • CRM integration
    • Fully automated
    • Trend analysis
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Custom reporting
    • High-level visualization
    • Alignment across departments
    • Quick initial setup
    • Support and trainings

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