June 2014 Social Marketing Report: United States Regional

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PetFlow - Pet Food Delivery shared a photo
12th June, 2014 PetFlow - Pet Food Delivery

Police Officer David Harriman went above and beyond the call of duty after a woman crashed her car into a Massachusetts lake, trapping her dog in the vehicle. Harriman didn't think twice about diving in to save the terrified dog. This photo shows the amazing moment he appeared above the water! Please show some love to this hero, and send him a HUGE thank you.

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PetFlow - Pet Food Delivery shared a photo
13th June, 2014 PetFlow - Pet Food Delivery

This is Lucy. Lucy was abused, disfigured, starving and wandering the streets alone. You see, Lucy was used as a submissive dog to train aggressive fighting dogs. Some of her teeth were pulled out so she couldn't fight them off. Her twisted snout is a reminder of the horror she faced. Now, over a year later, Lucy is happy, healthy and living with new parents who love Lucy, inside and out. No dog should EVER be treated the way Lucy was treated before she was rescued. Please share this, and let Lucy be a reminder of the terrible world of dog fighting - and the miracle of adoption!!

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Bud Light Lime Ritas shared a photo
5th June, 2014 Bud Light Lime Ritas

Taking ice pops to the next level.

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Data Range: 1st June, 2014 to 30th June, 2014

Local Fans: The number of local fans from the Page's overall fan base.

Interactions: The sum of replies, retweets and organic mentions.

Engagement Rate: Calculated as the average number of likes, comments and shares per post on a given day, divided by the total number of Fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with your post. For the purposes of this report, in this metric, we have only included pages possessing more than 10,000 fans between the first and last day of the selected time period.

Response Time: The average time that it takes for the company to respond the user wall posts.

Response Rate: The percentage of user wall posts that get responded by the company.

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