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December 2012 Social Marketing Report: Food & Beverages

Industry Social Marketing Report

Food & Beverages

December 2012

Key Facebook Benchmarks

  • Average Post
    Response Rate

    54 %

  • Average Post
    Engagement Rate

    0.18 %

The Most Socially Devoted
Facebook Brand

Response Time 721min
Response Rate 90 %

Top Facebook Posts

  • 1


    shared photo

    17th December, 2012

    ไลค์และแชร์ตามข่าวไว้ให้ดี!! ใครอยากได้แอปเปิ้ลยกเซ็ท 4 เครื่อง!…

    most engaging photo
    • Total Interactions0

      • 114 000

      • Comments5 105

      • Shares52 000

    • 11.7 %

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Data Range: 1st December, 2012 to 31st December, 2012

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Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Response

    The percentage of user Posts (or questions) the monitored Page responded to during a selected time range

  • Calculated as the average number of Interactions per post on a given day, divided by the total number of Fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with your post. For the purposes of this report we included in this metric only pages with more than 100,000 fans.

  • Socially Devoted

    The only social industry benchmark for social customer care. Socially Devoted brands respond to at least 65% of user questions per quarter

  • Response

    The average time it takes a monitored Page or Profile to respond to a user post (or question) during a selected time range

  • Interactions

    Any action a user takes on a social platform - Like, Share, Retweet, @Reply, Like (or Dislike), etc

  • Total Fan Count

    The sum of all Fans of a particular Facebook Page

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