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October 2012 Social Marketing Report: Portugal

Regional Social Marketing Report


October 2012

Facebook General Statistics

Top 5 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate

Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands

Response Time Response Time 57 min
Response Rate Response Rate 94 %
AMUQ 210
Response Time 426 min
Response Rate 81 %
AMUQ 166
Response Time 105 min
Response Rate 86 %
AMUQ 136
Response Time 290 min
Response Rate 74 %
AMUQ 106
Response Time 87 min
Response Rate 70 %

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Data Range: 1st October, 2012 to 31st October, 2012

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Portugal Social Media Report Archive

Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Interactions

    The sum of replies, retweets and mentions.

  • Response

    The percentage of user wall posts that get responded by the company.

  • Response

    The average time that it takes for the company to respond the user wall posts.

  • Local Fans

    The number of local fans from the Page's overall fan base.

  • Calculated as the average number of likes, comments and shares per post on a given day, divided by the total number of Fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with your post. For the purposes of this report we included in this metric only pages with more than 100,000 fans.

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