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May 2014 Social Marketing Report United States

Regional Social Marketing Report

United States

May 2014

General Regional Statistics

Facebook General Statistics

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Top Brands on Facebook by Average Post Interactions per 1k Fans

Top Facebook Posts

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Data Range: 1st May, 2014 to 31st May, 2014

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United States Social Media Report Archive

Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Total Fan Count

    The sum of all Fans of a particular Facebook Page

  • Local Fan Count

    The number of Fans of a monitored Facebook Page by location

  • Response

    The percentage of user Posts (or questions) the monitored Page responded to during a selected time range

  • Response

    The average time it takes a monitored Page or Profile to respond to a user post (or question) during a selected time range

  • Calculated as the average of all daily ratios for the number of interactions (likes, comments, shares) per 1000 fans during the selected time range.

  • Socially Devoted

    The only social industry benchmark for social customer care. Socially Devoted brands respond to at least 65% of user questions per quarter

  • Total Followers

    The sum of all Twitter Followers for a monitored profile

  • Interactions

    Any action a user takes on a social platform - Like, Share, Retweet, @Reply, Like (or Dislike), etc

  • Uploaded Video Views

    The total number of Total Uploaded Video Views over a selected time range

  • Subscribers

    Users who choose to actively receive updates for a selected YouTube Profile

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