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Lewis & Carroll - The Social Media Company

Interaction / Social Media Engagement. Intelligence / Netresearch. Influencers / Brand Ambassadors. Image / Reputation. These are our areas of service and knowledge. We are specialist in marketing and communication in the digital environment. We design strategies, we execute the action plans and we bring knowledge to business decisions through rigorous methodology in the analysis of results. We're passionate and rigorous. Expertise with passion & emotion. Nowadays markets are Conversations. Conversation is the Strategy. Discover a new market perspective Through the Looking-Glass.

Make It Happen Agency

Leeds based Social media company MIH Agency offer a comprehensive, cost effective Internet Marketing solution. From social media management to bespoke e-commerce websites. Specialising in Facebook management, MIH Agency can Make It Happen for you!

Matreshka Media

Matreshka is an international social media agency conducting business in Russia, Ukraine and United States. We perform social media marketing campaigns and traditional online advertising campaigns. Our goals are - increasing conversions and optimizing your advertising expenses to move your business to the next level. We are always on the client's side and work together to achieve our common goal. Matreshka's clientele is mostly from United States, Italy, England, UAE and China - those are international brands marketing their product to Russians. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, French and Ukrainian.


MonNuage est la 1ère agence Travel & Social Media en France. Nous accompagnons des destinations comme Paris, Tahiti, Guadeloupe, Australie, Malte, Egypte… mais aussi des aéroports, des groupes hôteliers, des TO. Nous intervenons sur : - la stratégie digitale (positionnement et analyse facebook, Twitter, G+, e-réputation) - le recrutement de fans et d'abonnés (+30.000 fans pour la Guadeloupe, +30.000 fans pour Tahiti, +15.000 fans pour l'Egypte) - l'engagement et la fidélisation des communautés (ER supérieur à 2% sur la plupart de nos pages) - l'organisation d'opérations spéciales et le community management au quotidien : animation, création du contenus, création d'applications Facebook et de concours. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter au 06 38 42 22 26 pour toute question.


Full service social media agency that teams up with companies to build their brand equity by leveraging all forms of the social web to create conversations, increase word of mouth and build lasting relationships.

My Social Agency

My Social Agency are a digital marketing and social media agency based in Leeds and London UK. Working with clients all over the world providing creative social media marketing services to help businesses better engage their target audience.


Working intelligently with social media for our clients developing organisational strategies, online communities, social network and media campaigns, customised skills and knowledge training. Based in Cardiff, Wales

On Spot Marketing

As redes sociais oferecem hoje a possibilidade de interacção permanente entre uma marca e o seu público alvo através da gestão activa das comunidades em plataformas como o Facebook ou o Twiiter. Com a Solução Brands 2.0 criamos um serviço que integrando o contexto da marca, concebe, cria e gere essas comunidades online em permanência, e com uma medição de performance face aos objectivos traçados.

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