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Social Strategi

Social Business Agency driven by Data. We optimize and manage Online Advertising and Social Campaigns for lead generation and Social Business Nirvana.

Sociomize Media

Sociomize Media is a digital media marketing Agency based out in New Delhi. It is founded by the alumni of Delhi College of Engineering and University of Wisconsin Madison. Agency can work as a media partner to promote your business over the internet through search engine optimization, social media optimization, customized campaigns, content marketing, email marketing and web application development. Doesn’t matter if your business is big, small or mid size, we cater to all. Whether you have zero presence on the internet or you are a big corporate giant looking to remodel your internet marketing efforts, we have strategy for all.

Strategic Alliancez

Technical Strength: All top digital agencies across the globe have very strong development teams. We are the only agency in Pakistan that not only has a strong development team but also teams which have deep understanding of telecom systems, VAS and other tech areas. Team: - 60+ people company, one of the largest digital agencies. - In-house creative and graphic design team of 15+ people. - In-house account managers, Facebook moderators, ad campaigns executor, Google-certified professionals etc. - In-house development team of 30+ people. - Ability to integrate offline activation with online through partner teams. No conflict of interest: We do not own or have special arrangements with any particular website(s), hence we spend our client’s budget fairly across publishers to provide maximum ROI instead of just concentrating it on 1-2 sites.


We are a full service interactive agency that focuses on generating buzz around your brand. Your end customer is at the center of our recommendations for every application, website, campaign, and solution we deliver. Our strategic thought process fosters outside of the box thinking and provides our clients with the methodology to increase their visibility and revenue.

Tabuga Digital Strategy

We're a companion for the process of specifying an organization's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization. These can range from an enterprise focus, which considers the broader opportunities and risks that digital potentially creates and often includes customer intelligence, collaboration, new product/market exploration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, innovation and governance; to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, site and search engine optimization, social media and advertising.

TEAH Digital

TEAH Digital is an advertising agency focused on digital marketing. We work on Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps, WEb Apps, Web Pages, Digital Campaigns, SEO and SEM. Clients thruought the latin america region trust us with their brands because of the quality of our products and services.

Team Pumpkin

TeamPumpkin bring together ideas that are powerful yet simple for brands who strive to leave an impact in their area through virtual and real mediums. Our sole aim is to add value in brand’s endeavour with our result oriented approach with success tied to both Brand Equity and Sales. We believe human emotions have the most important role to play on every brand campaign either in virtual or real world. We draw talent of very exceptional TeamPumpkin members who are expert in their area of observing human actions online and offline. We combine this raw insight with hard data to come up with winning strategies for companies launching new brand or rebranding existing ones.

TechShu Consultancy PVT. LTD

TechShu is a combination of Tech (which stands for technical) and Shu (a Confucian terminology). Shu implies caring for others in the similar way we want them to care about us. The Confucian concept of Shu describes us the best! At TechShu, we are relentlessly focused on providing ROI focused digital marketing and technical solutions. We develop marketing campaigns (search, social & email) and technical solutions (website & mobile app) for our clients with the same passion and hard-work that we put in developing our in-house products. Our goal is to create 10% to 20% return month on month for every project (BHAG: A Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with Innovations, Execution and Processes. With a team of over 60 digital enthusiasts we work with clients including Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group of Companies, ABP Group and Turtle. Also, we've contributed to the success of 1000+ Clients (International Agencies, SME's & local businesses & Indian Brands) and corporate events organized by NASSCOM and TiE.


Latest technology news, covering science, social media, auto, gaming, etc.