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Marketing Nutz

People, businesses and nuts come in all different shapes & sizes. Marketing Nutz is a full service social media, word of mouth, digital marketing & reputation mangement agency that helps businesses of all sorts prioritize and maximize investment in all areas of marketing. We work with businesses on new media strategies and social business frameworks to build bridges between companies, customers, employees, and other stakeholders by creating experiences that inspire and connect brands with people, nurture communities and foster profitable personal and professional relationships that endure technology evolution to sustain and grow business. We do more than help you learn how to tweet or post to Facebook. Instead we will help you integrate social media into your business in a way that will inspire and connect your audiences to you and your brand. We'll help you build communities, influential and loyal brand evangelists, strategic partnerships that will help your business prosper in the short term and grow and sustain in the long term. We work with any budget and will help you build a plan that can be executed within your budget and timeframe. We can provide as little or as much help as you need along the way from strategic planning, consulting, training of your executives, staff, and partners, do for you social media and marketing execution, social media campaigns, digital marketing such as website development, blog site development, custom development of social network profiles including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. Don't do social or be social, be socially relevant!

Matreshka Media

Matreshka is an international social media agency conducting business in Russia, Ukraine and United States. We perform social media marketing campaigns and traditional online advertising campaigns. Our goals are - increasing conversions and optimizing your advertising expenses to move your business to the next level. We are always on the client's side and work together to achieve our common goal. Matreshka's clientele is mostly from United States, Italy, England, UAE and China - those are international brands marketing their product to Russians. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, French and Ukrainian.

Media Needle LLC

Social Media Marketing agency with global and local expertise. World-class creative strategists and practitioners. Media Needle also represents leading social/digital marketing technology solutions that work with the world’s largest and most respected brands and agencies. We draw upon our experience and global network of partners to provide both domestic and international cutting-edge solutions for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare, bridging online/offline interactions, crowd-sourced video and hyper-local search engine marketing (SEM). Industry-agnostic and primarily B2C, we combine innovative paid and earned media solutions to increase a brand’s exposure, better engage customers and ultimately drive sales.

New Media Strategies

New Media Strategies has a record unmatched by any other social media marketing firm: more than 2,000 social media marketing campaigns for 85 different industries; unparalleled experience giving clients a distinct advantage in the marketplace. A full service idea shop with more than 120 employees, NMS’ core competencies include social media marketing, influencer engagement, brand protection, issue advocacy, online intelligence, and organizational training. The agency specializes in many verticals including entertainment, health and beauty, sports, automotive, consumer packaged goods, retail, travel, technology, and public affairs.

Regalix Inc.

Our social media services help create and manage online conversations and build influencer groups in a targeted market segment, facilitate greater brand awareness and customer relationships, monitor brand health and enhance brand reputation. Regalix has a rare depth of experience – with just the right combination of marketing insight and technical skills – in using connected social media marketing for business growth.

Rhino Runner Social Media Agency

Rhino Runner is founded in 2011 in Turkey as brother company of Rhino Force USA. Rhino Force's social media oriented agency Rhino Runner brought its US experience and support from overseas to empower his brands in Turkey. Whether you are looking to implement new social media campaign, increase traffic to your website, get noticed on search engines, build brand recognition or enhance your reputation, Rhino Runner is ready to work with you to see positive results.

Rock On M3dia

STRATEGY + EXECUTION + ANALYSIS Social Marketing Amplified. @RockOnM3dia "Turn the volume up for your brand and become and social media Rockstar!"

SayItSocial, LLC

SayItSocial is a digital marketing, and training company which focuses on emerging social & mobile technologies. We train enterprise, medium to large corporations on harnessing the power of digital advertising.

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