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Please note this is a beta version. We are currently tweaking the algorithm.

We define suspicious or empty followers by the following criteria:

  • The account has a following : followers ratio of 50:1 or more. This means the profile is following 50 accounts while only being followed by one
  • More than 30% of all tweets use spam phrases, such as “diet,” “make money,” and “work from home”
  • The same tweets are repeated more than three times, even when posted to different accounts
  • More than 90% of the account’s tweets are retweets
  • More than 90% of the account’s tweets are links
  • The account has never tweeted
  • The account is more than two months old and still has a default profile image
  • The user didn’t fill in neither bio nor location and, at the same time, is following more than 100 accounts

Each of these criteria have a given number of points valuation and once an account exceeds a certain number of points, we identify him as suspicious. Then, if the account isn’t identified as suspicious, we test it according to the following two rules to see if it’s not inactive:

  • The account has posted less than 3 tweets
  • The last tweet is more than 90 days old

And if we identify the account neither as suspicious, nor as inactive, then we define it is a legitimate Twitter account.

We understand that these criteria, number 6 in particular, don’t necessarily define suspicious followers. However these kinds of followers can be considered empty or inactive and therefore not helpful to you in terms of reach.

How to interpret your results

  • 0–10% The majority of your followers are legitimate.
  • 10-20% You may have some suspicious or inactive followers.
  • 20-50% Be cautious. If you have a large number of followers, it is expected that some will be inactive or suspicious.
  • 50-70% This is a red flag! You may want to check your followers.
  • 70-100% The majority of your followers are suspicious. Take action immediately!

You can use the tool to check the Twitter accounts you are interested in, up to ten times a day. You can type in any Twitter handle you want, which means that you can analyse any brand, even your competitors. When we analyze a profile, we check up to 100 followers per account, so if you have a larger following, run your Twitter handle through the app regularly. The Fake Followers check is in beta, and the data is accurate with a small error margin of roughly 10 - 15%.

Blocking suspicious followers

Our new tool enables you to block your suspicious followers in just one click. It may take a moment for them to be blocked, but don’t worry, you can check out other people’s accounts while you are waiting.

Are you checking Twitter account with huge number of followers?

Because the results are based on a random sample of 100 followers this figure may not always act as a representative sample – especially when it deals with a large number of followers. Please read our article “Justin Bieber Does Not Have Fake Followers” which goes deeper into this problem.