Revealing The Beauty Of Market Insights With Sephora

Understand the demographics and interests of your audience to tailor the best social marketing strategy.

Revealing The Beauty Of Market Insights With Sephora

Whoever said, “beauty is skin deep” knew what they were talking about. And they probably worked in the cosmetics industry. Sephora, the leading cosmetics and perfume retailer, has successfully opened 1 300 stores in 27 countries. Currently they are expanding largely in Mexico and Brazil, two countries known to have the fastest growing Facebook populations. To capitalize on this trend, Sephora needs to adapt social marketing strategies that will meet the expectations of their target audiences which naturally differ from market to market.

If you are operating in multiple markets, Market Insights is a tool that can show you how your target audience changes across markets based on their interests. Advanced demographics and interest insights on Facebook can help you identify the best content and campaign strategy for your brand. Sephora is known for its wide selection of prestigious products for both men and women of all ages. When we look at the demographics, Brazil has almost twice the Facebook population of Mexico and the gender distribution is in favor of women in Brazil (54%) while Mexican users are more often men.

Men in Mexico Are Interested In Beauty Products

Market insights reflect this trend as more Mexican men are interested in beauty products than men from Brazil (men are presented by the darker shades in the graph below where Mexico is green and Brazil pink). Another obvious trend is that beauty products are more popular with younger age groups in Mexico (13 – 24 years old) while they appeal to older groups in Brazil (25 – 65+). Market Insights can also reveal if your market is interested in luxury goods, health and wellbeing and much more across different industries.

So what can Sephora do with their younger Facebook audience in Mexico? As a matter of fact, photo uploading is quite popular in the 18 – 24 age group, so asking fans to upload their beauty tips or launch a photo contest could be an option.

Market Insights Will Optimize Your Social Marketing Strategy

There is so much you can reveal about your market, for example how many Facebook users are celebrating their birthday in less than a week. Everyone loves to receive free products so this just begs for a great Sephora birthday promo! Does your market have a high percentage of engaged women? Then try offering a free wedding day makeover with a purchase or a wedding day makeup seminar. These women are engaged to someone, so why not provide a couple’s package. Men’s grooming tools and a demo on how to use them? The possibilities are endless when we understand more about our demographics.

You can also determine the most engaging content from your market, for example Avon Mexico posted a photo of a woman’s nails painted for Halloween, which is a good sign of the popularity of the beauty industry.

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Market Insights from Socialbakers is the most advanced Facebook audience analytics platform available for understanding regional and global audience demographics and interests. It offers detailed audience insights that can help you improve your social media targeting across local and global markets. Targeting has never been easier so try the demo, watch the tutorial or check out the user guide to learn more.

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