New Features in Socialbakers Analytics

Socialbakers introduces new features in Page Analytics and Market Insights

New Features in Socialbakers Analytics

Have you ever wondered about:

  • What time of day is the best for posting on your page?
  • Who influences your page the most?
  • How quickly does your page respond to posts and comments?

And what about your competitors? Socialbakers Analytics is here to help.

Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO is constantly under development and we are more than happy to announce new key features in the system. Since today, you can enjoy new metrics:

Engagement rate by post time

This feature analyses your posts and finds out which hours are the best for posting.

Engagement rate by week day

This feature is similar to the time analysis above but in this case it evaluates days of the week and finds days where your fans are most engaging.

Key influencers

Find out which of your fans are the biggest influencers on the page. This tool helps you to identify them and see their contributions.

Response time / rate

Is it important for your page to respond questions and comments from your fans? Thanks to this feature you will be able monitor how many posts or questions have been responded on your wall and how much time it takes you to take action.

Don’t forget that you can use these features (and as well as the whole Page Analytics) on any page on Facebook!

Register now for a free 14 day trial and find out the amount of data we are able to monitor on Facebook!

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