Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights and its differences

Socialbakers Analytics tool compared to Facebook Insights. What are the differences?

Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights and its differences

Last week, we have launched a few very exciting new features in Socialbakers Analytics. This week, wed like to answer the most commonly asked question that we get. This question is:</p> <p> <strong>"How is your product different from Facebook Insights?" </strong></p> <p>Well, its a product aimed at a different view – Facebook Insights is aimed at monitoring your own page only. Obviously in both you can monitor the basics – fans, basic numbers of engagement, but we are a different product for one major reason: You can compare yourself to competition. That is the #1 feature, comparing Facebook pages in context is the most important, and we also believe that some of the other top features are:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Overall leader board</strong> – you get one single place where you can analyze all Facebook pages that you are monitoring, and you can choose the date and time of what you are analyzing</li> <li><strong>Competitions content </strong>- analyzing what content works the most, even what hours and days work the best for posting</li> <li><strong>Monitoring KPIs</strong> – Monitoring all different KPIs, that we will be talking about later</li> <li><strong>Key influencers, and key shared influencers</strong> – people who write and comment most on your Facebook page</li> <li><strong>Response rates </strong>- you can monitor how you and your competition replies to wall posts on your page – that way you can say: "Were a better responder”

You can export all of these numbers into a variety of export tools and reports, which makes it easy and convenient for you not only to prepare reports for management from your own page, but deliver them a report on how competition is doing on a regular basis.

Social media is about constantly knowing and analyzing what your competition is doing – maybe one of your 5 competitors are running a video / competition / pictures today, that you are not yet aware of. Socialbakers Analytics helps you stay on top of these things.

Here is a full list of some of the extra features that we have in Socialbakers Analytics:

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