Top brands on Facebook

Facebook is growing rapidly. How do the companies keep up? Here is the list of the biggest brands on Facebook.

Top brands on Facebook

Companies are getting stronger on Facebook. As we can see on the following chart, all brands from the TOP 10 list have reached over 10 million fans! Which brands were the biggest gainers in the last 6 months?

Two months ago, Coca-Cola surpassed Starbucks and became the #1 brand on Facebook. Since then, Coca-Cola (almost 22 million fans) has kept its speed and is by now definitely the leader on Facebook among brands with quite a big margin. Second position belongs to Starbucks with little over than 19 million fans.

Third position is occupied by Oreo (16.4 million), followed by Disney (16.2 million) and Red Bull (14.9 million). Skittles rises also quite quickly on Facebook, however not as quick as its competitors and that’s why it dropped from the 3rd position which it held in summer to the latest 6th overall (14.8 million fans).

Converse All Star jumped to the 7th position (12.4 million fans), leaving Victoria’s Secret (11 million fans), Converse (10.7 million fans) and iTunes (10 million fans) to close up the TOP 10 list.

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