Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2010

Which country recorded the highest growth in the 2010?

Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2010

We do many researches in these days on the year 2010 on Facebook. Today, we will take a closer look on countries which recorded the highest growth of users on Facebook during last year.

First place of top growing countries in absolute numbers belongs to the United States. This is quite expected result as USA is the #1 Facebook country out there and constantly gains new users.

In 2010, USA gained almost 48 million new users, which means almost 50 % growth! Second position belongs to Indonesia which more than doubled its numbers of Facebook users. Mexico on the third position in absolute rankings gained 12 million new users. In this case, it more than tripled its numbers during 2010.

In terms of percentage growth, we should notice Brazil (270 % gain). Facebook is getting bigger and bigger every day in Brazil eventhough the #1 social network still belongs to Orkut there.

Thailand achieved almost 260 % growth, India 228 % growth, etc.

Year of 2010 was definitely a successful year for Facebook. We will bring you even more interesting stats from this year focusing more on local markets.

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