Socialbakers Analytics = Facebook insights on Steroids

Since we first launched our Analytics, we’ve added multiple new features to improve our products. Take a look at the chart below to learn just how Analytics PRO works and how they build on Facebook Page Insights.

Socialbakers Analytics = Facebook insights on Steroids

Content optimization, which relies on market knowledge and competitive intelligence, is one of the most important roles of social media management. Taking this into consideration, we’ve developed Analytics PRO to meet the needs of leading companies’ demanding flexibility. Analytics PRO is the only platform that provides brands with successful tools, such as competitive monitoring and benchmarking, to become leaders in their industry. You won’t find these features on Facebook Page Insights.


Information about your Fans

The size and growth of your audience is available both on Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights. Both products contain information on page’s total growth, fan change per day, and daily increases or decreases in total fan base. Socialbakers takes it one step forward and provides information on aggregated fan growth by week.

Analyze your Page and your competition

Socialbakers’ Analytics is the only product that offers detailed simultaneous comparisons of two Facebook pages. This way, companies can monitor their brands against their closest competition. An important feature that offers competitive analysis is Content Newsfeed. This feature enables social media managers to optimize their content with regard to the content published by their competitors. Companies now have the option to keep an eye on their competitor’s levels of engagement, understand what works well and strategize in order to increase reach and visibility for each brand. Activity Monitor feature allows you to see when a competitor launches a new tab or adds engaging content to one of their pages.

Industry Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a unique Analytics feature that allows companies to compare brands’ Facebook pages to those of the whole industry. By using the Benchmarking feature, companies can evaluate their position in comparison to entire industries of brands available on on Facebook.


Socialbakers’ Charts section illustrates an overall graphical comparison of multiple brands throughout an industry. Companies will have access to useful graphical charts that measure KPIs, such as Fan Growth, Interactions, Engagement Rates, Response Rates and more!

Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Socialbakers takes KPIs, such as Fan Growth or People Talking about, to the next level by encouraging brands to becomes leaders in categories like Socially Devoted. Socially Devoted* is a standard that measures the level of customer care in social media through Response Rate. This feature displays the percentage of responses the Page admin makes to fan postings. This percentage must stay above 65% in order to satisfy the benchmark of brand’s reputation among its fans and customers.

Identify Key Influencers

The Key Influencers section provides insight about brands’ most active fans. In this section companies can find details about the number of interactions each key influencer has with their pages and also the time of the influencer’s last activity with your page. Additionally, key infleuncers’ posts are viewable, simply by clicking on their comments.

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