Black Friday Deals: Check Them Out on Facebook

Consumers have already starting lining up for Black Friday sales. And companies have been doing their best to keep these lines full.

Black Friday Deals:  Check Them Out on Facebook

Brands have utilized social media in order to market themselves for Black Friday. We’ve chosen the top five retail shops, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and, Macy’s according to fan base, to see how they’ve performed in the last 30 days, according to our Analytics Pro.

Walmart’s Rollback Prices

Walmart gained a whopping increase in its Facebook fan base in the last year, growing from 10 580 258 to 25 027 711. It’s no wonder that Walmart came out on top, since they’ve posted guaranteed in-stock items, rollback prices, and bonus gift cards with certain purchases. In the last month, Walmart’s response rate reached 51%, answering 1 570 questions from fan posts. In sheer number of overall fan base, Walmart also dominated, adding 14 447 453 new Likes.

Target Seals the Deal when it Comes to Response Rates

Target beat the other four retail brands in responding to its fans, with it’s 58% response rate. Gift-card giveaways helped with fan traffic, since Target made it necessary for fans to apply via the Facebook page. In the last 30 days, Walmart came in second with a 51% response rate, Kohl’s following closely with a 50% rate, Victoria’s Secret, with a 37% and Macy’s, coming in last with a 7% response rate.


Black Friday Sales

Macy’s hasn’t seemed to be drawn in by the Black Friday madness. The have opted out of posting coupons or giveaways on their page, but have listed some special sneak peak prices. Victoria’s Secret posts an offer for a free tote with a $65 purchase and Kohl’s offers a 15% coupon on-line and in-store. It is Walmart’s and Target’s fierce Black Friday offers and gift card giveaways that are really getting some buzz.

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