Top Facebook Posts: What The World “Likes”

How does your company measure up in the global arena? Check out the recently most popular Facebook posts to see what people Like.

Top Facebook Posts:  What The World “Likes”

Here at Socialbakers, we offer brands a tool called Market Insights, that offers advanced demographics and interest insights on Facebook. Market Insights illustrates how brands’ target audiences change across markets based on their interests. How does your company measure up in the global arena? We’ve looked at the most popular Facebook posts from the 11th to the 18th of November to see how brands performed globally for fans.

Bud Light Beats the Competition

Bud Light, a global brand, received the most Likes on Facebook in the previous week with its photo post. This frosty photograph was submitted by a fan and earned a grand total of 77 300 likes! Bud Light offers a chilled can to go with the winter snow, earning a 1.62% Response Rate. The next brand, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, also a global brand, received 46 532 Likes for its photo, promoting Sinatra Select. Jack Daniel’s keeps its promise of conversation and camaraderie, earning a 1.56% Engagement Rate. Skol, a Brazilian brand’s photo post comes in third with 40 113 Likes and a 1.05% Engagement rate, followed by Smirnoff US’ photo, earning 33 153 “Likes” and a leading 1.95% Engagement Rate. Bud Light does it again, placing fifth on a global scale with another engaging photo, with 32 388 Likes and a 0.67% Engagement Rate.

Ferrari Wins by a Landslide

Ferrari is globally known for its luxurious interior, sleek design and fast speeds. No wonder why Ferrari’s photo post takes the lead, earning 196 676 Likes, with an Engagement Rate of 2.29%. This photo promotes Ferrari as exactly what the brand stands for; automotive innovation, style, speed, and class. BMW takes second place, posting a photo of its new 3 Series, offering 5 Series luxury, capability and dependency in the 3 Series model. This photo received 111 922 Likes with a 1.08% Engagement Rate. Audi USA, takes third place in the global arena, receiving 106 971 Likes for a photo post catering to American voters and comic book followers. This photo has a 2.03% Engagement Rate. Mercedez-Benz follows in fourth and fifth places, offering a photo of the tried-and-true (83 206 Likes, 1.07% Engagement Rate) and a new method of exploration photo (72 737 Likes, 1.01%), respectively.

Blackberry Blows it Out of the Water

Blackberry Indonesia received the most Likes last week within the electronics industry by posting a link. In this linked page, Blackberry Indonesia promises that its product still exists, offering a promo for internet, Facebook, and other social media free for 3 months with every purchase of Blackberry Curve 9220 or 9320. On this page, Blackberry even says that their roadshow will travel to different cities offering games, prizes and live demos. This link earned 97 702 Likes and a huge Engagement Rate of 5.27%. Samsung USA promoted its new Galaxy Camera in a photo, earning 89, 090 Likes with a 0.48% Engagement Rate. This camera offers a 4G connection and Android Jelly Bean with an AT&T Service Provider. Samsung places again, this time for its global brand, the Galaxy S III. That photo received 72 193 Likes and a 1.76% Engagement Rate. Playstation Latin America received 52 958 Likes for its photo with a 0.26% Engagement Rate. Last but not least, Samsung USA shows up again, with a photo post offering 50% off of accessories for registering your mobile device. This post received 50 573 Likes and a 0.26% Engagement Rate.

So, whether you are posting promotional offers, photos of new products or reiterating the dependency of your brand, it is important to connect with the fans and remind them what your brands mean to them. In turn, they’ll show their support and continue to Like what you’ve got to offer.

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