Do brands respond enough on their wall?

How does AT&T and Verizon Wireless respond on their walls?

Do brands respond enough on their wall?

Today, we would like to show one of the features of our Socialbakers Page AnalyticsResponse Rate (we introduced this feature in our separate article). Simply said, response rate measures how much and how quickly Facebook pages respond to wall posts from users.

We took as an example two telecommunication providers in the US – AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Both of these Facebook pages have over 1 million fans (AT&T 1.3 million fans, Verizon Wireless 1.1 million fans) and thus it is very complicated for them to handle all requests from their fans. Local brands, generally handling with tens of thousands of fans, usually offer much higher response rate as they are dealing with smaller numbers of fans.

So how do these brands communicate on Facebook?

AT&T is doing a great good job responding fan wall posts. Having more than 1.3 million fans, they were able to respond 14 % of all wall posts in the last months!

What’s even more impressive, page mostly responds in less than 10 minutes! Well done AT&T.

Verizon Wireless on the other hand doesn’t respond much. As you can see on the following graph, the green section (indicating responded posts) is totally missing there.

Let’s compare it with for example Vodafone UK. This telecommunication provider is very active on its Facebook page. It also does a great job communicating with its fans. With more than 200 000 fans, it was able to respond more than 71 % of posts on their wall as seen on the following graph.

Within seconds, we were able to compare leading telecommunication brands in terms of responding to their fans. This could be very important for the whole brand communication on Facebook. Facebook is made for communication, not only between friends but also among brands and their fans.

How does your brand respond? Find out in our Socialbakers Page Analytics.

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