New Promoted Posts, Gifts, Share Button And More on Facebook!

We discovered the five hottest Facebook features for users and marketers! Check out how you can target your Promoted Posts, get more Likes, chat with friends, send Facebook gifts and discover a long awaited button on Facebook mobile!

New Promoted Posts, Gifts, Share Button And More on Facebook!

1. Post To Everyone But Promote To A Specific Audience

Facebook has released an update to Promoted Posts enabling pages to target them by country. Are you saying that this was already possible for some time? Yes, but now you can target your post to a specific country after you make it visible to your global audience. What this means is that you can post your content to everyone but promote it to, say, your Brazilian audience, if you feel that that is the target region for your message. When you targeted Promoted Posts before, the message became invisible for the rest of your audience, which is why this new feature is so valuable.

As Facebook announced: “We have released an update to Promoted Posts to target spend to the countries where most of your fans reside by default. You can still control targeting on your own to ensure only the most relevant people see your posts in their news feed.” This feature has not been rolled out to all pages yet so be patient and learn more about the new feature here.

2. Facebook Mobile Finally Gets Share Button

Finally, smartphone and tablet users can share content on Facebook! This has been a long awaited feature, as the share button represents a key interaction for increasing the reach and virality of posts. From now on, users can click Share on any news feed story and re-post it their own wall for their friends to see it. Do you think people will eventually start sharing more content on mobile than on desktop? Let us know in the comments below.

As Facebook announced on its blog: “You can now use the Share button on News Feed stories from your phone whether you’re using the Facebook for Android app, the Facebook for iPhone and iPad app, or the Facebook mobile web site. This gives people a fast way to share stories with friends from their mobile phones, just as they can from their computers.”

3. Ad Posts For Mobile Become More Targeted And Colorful

Facebook also changed the design of Page post ads. Sponsored stories should now have a big bold photo and become more visually attractive, effectively encouraging users to Like the page. The previous “Pages you might like” ads suggested three different businesses at a time; they looked very dull and showed a tiny thumbnail of the Page´s profile picture. Facebook wants to convey these ads in a new way that doesn’t interrupt the Facebook experience. This is why Facebook has decided to recommend just one highly relevant Page and add more social context and color into them.

The new ad posts, thanks to effective Facebook targeting, shows an illustration that represents the page´s identity with a strong beautiful image (by overlaying its profile picture with its cover image) and a short description of the business. The call to action should also be “louder” thanks to the big “Like Page” button at the bottom of the post. Also, the ads should show more than just one friend who has already Liked the Page to entice users to think: “If all these people and friends Like it, maybe I will too”. According to Facebook, 80% of consumers say that they are more likely to try new things based on a suggestion by a friend in social media.

Facebook is in the process of learning how to provide effective marketing in News Feeds but it has already experienced higher click through rates than ads in the sidebar. Still, the social network has to be very careful not to irritate Facebook users seeking mainly to connect with friends and family.

4. Chat With Friends Directly From Your Browser

This is an interesting feature mainly for Facebook users. Now you can chat with your friends directly within Firefox on the side of your browser window. The integration will enable you to see which of your friends are online and chat with them without having to open Facebook in your browser window. This is especially valuable for people who want to keep in touch without having to switch between tabs all the time. The Firefox messenger also provides you with instant notifications when you receive new comments to your posts and when you are tagged in photos. Do you find this feature helpful?

5. Send iTunes Credit as a Facebook Gift…Only In The US

Looking for a gift for the upcoming Christmas holidays? You can send friends a gift via Facebook Gifts, like an iTunes song, movie, games or apps with 10, 15, 25 or 50 dollar credit. Your friends can either accept your recommendation or purchase something else on iTunes, if they fancy. Unfortunately, this service is only available in the U.S. for now, so if you’re living in a different country, it looks like you’ll have to shop the old fashioned way.

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