Some Facebook Pages Miss The People Talking About Metric

The People Talking About This metric seems to have disappeared from some Facebook Pages. The question is: would you miss it? We offer reliable metrics that can more effectively measure your social media performance.

Some Facebook Pages Miss The People Talking About Metric

According to our data, some Pages have lost sight of the People Talking About This (PTAT) metric. Is this a temporary bug or is Facebook slowly realizing that the metric is not as reliable as the social network once thought it would be? As we recently informed you, the metric is calculated with a two-day lag time and it is updated on a weekly basis which causes data inaccuracies. Plus, it doesn’t serve well as an indicator of your Page´s engagement. Find out more here!

This Is What We Suggest Monitoring Instead of the PTAT Metric:

1. Number of weekly / monthly interactions – the absolute number of post interactions

2. Engagement Rate – the number of average daily interactions relative to the number of fans on an average per post basis (most comparable with any Page of any size)

3. Looking at volumes of wall posts

We reached out to Facebook for more information so make sure to follow us. We will keep you updated!

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