Top 8 Most Captivating Christmas Facebook Posts from Last Week

Following the footsteps from previous weeks, we have chosen the most popular and entertaining photos and posts you may have caught a glimpse of on Facebook. The criteria for post search and selection has changed on a weekly basis. This week, we are happy to put forward the most engaging Christmas Facebook posts that received the most attention and attracted the most likes. We hope you will be as enchanted as we were!

Top 8 Most Captivating Christmas Facebook Posts from Last Week
Deals Direct

It’s nearly Christmas. Time for family, friends and endless attacks on the fridge and cupboards loaded with delicious, decadent food. If you don’t think you can ruin months of effort in the gym in less than a week, then be prepared for a surprise. But, for those of you who would rather skinny dip than chunky dunk after Christmas, DealsDirect has some healthy Christmas alternatives.

Fascinating Places

There is no place more enchanting and charming than Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There is no child that doesn’t dream visiting this magical place. The atmosphere is so fascinating that even most adults are swept off their feet and left breathless at the sight of Cinderella’s fairy tale castle at night. What about you? Have you been bewitched by Walt Disney’s Christmas charm?


Even large multi-national conglomerate like Samsung has been mesmerised by Christmas. The electronics and IT giant decided to give away goodies to those fans showing their support on Facebook. So, get reading and sharing as you might be one of the lucky few that will get their hands on this gorgeous Galaxy handset.

Appliances Online

Following the old saying “Strike while the iron is hot,” Samsung is offering Christmas treats not only to us, but also to 2 of our friends. So follow Samsung’s example and get involved so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity! All you need to do is write a little note to Samsung Santa.


Do you have a hectic life style? Live in a city full of noise and fumes? Do you wish for nothing more than peace and quiet? Then LateRooms has a solution for you. It comes in the form of a cosy cabin in a peaceful scenic area surrounded by conifers covered in layers of snow. Merry Christmas!


Never one to stray behind, the British supermarket chain Asda joined in Christmas promotions. If you are behind with your beauty shopping and have run out of pampering goodies, this is a must. Don’t hesitate and share your tried and tested beauty tips and tricks that get you safely through the winter. Good luck!

George Asda

Have you ever been given money to spend on that party dress? No? Then you have not yet had the pleasure of George at Asda. George is Asda’s department of clothing that has been named after George Davies, the founder and chief designer of Next. George is the fourth largest clothing retailer in the UK, so he must be doing something right. So why don’t you let him take care of your party outfit this Christmas?

BMW Sverige

If this BMW whip was topping the charts in November, we cannot wait to see what December brings. Can it get any better? Faster? Sleeker? It remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, if this heartthrob is going on your Christmas wish list, you had better been very good this year!

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