Top 5 Christmas Gifts According To Twitter Wish Lists

Thanks to last week´s most trending Twitter hashtag #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList, we could set up a ranking of the five most popular Christmas wishes. See what you will probably have to get your family and friends to make them happy!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts According To Twitter Wish Lists

As we enter the holiday season, we started wondering what it is that most people wish to get under their Christmas tree. Most of us already have a clear idea and are sharing our wish lists across social networks, in order for the right people to see them (and Santa Claus, of course). As a matter of fact, #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList became the most trending hashtag on Twitter last week, so we decided to pull it through our Listening tool. It has been mentioned 299 times over the weekend and here are the top results:

1. A New Smart Phone…Or Anything From Apple

Most Twitter wish lists asked for electronic products, especially smart phones, laptops, or the Kindle. A majority of wish lists mentioned presents from Apple, like the latest iPhone 5, iPod, or the MacBook.

2. Kiss Justin Bieber Under The Mistletoe

Some wishes seemed a bit unrealistic, but then again, what is Christmas, if not a time for dreams to come true? Quite a few girls out there wish to kiss Justin Bieber under the mistletoe. The more modest ones would just like to get noticed by him or receive tickets to his Believe tour.

3. New Clothes And Shoes

You can never have enough clothes, which is why this category dominates wish lists every year. Most tweets mentioned clothes in general, others were more brand specific and asked for sports supplies from Nike or Adidas.

4. More Money And Food

It’s nice to have some extra cash in your pocket. Many tweets agree. Some people prefer to choose their own gifts and would rather find cash or gift cards under the Christmas tree.

5. To Be Healthy And Gather With Family

Not all the #5ThingsOnMyChristmasList hashtagged tweets asked for material gifts. Many people wished to be healthy, happy and to gather with family and friends at the dinner table this Christmas. That is all that matters in the end, don’t you think?

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