Do brands “influence” their fan engagement on Facebook?

Some brands are great on Facebook - they are engaging, they do whatever they can to put interest in their target audience.

Do brands “influence” their fan engagement on Facebook?

The more data our advanced technology – Socialbakers Analytics – finds on different brand pages on Facebook, the more we feel we are convinced by one fact – some brands influence their engagement on Facebook.

What are we talking about? We are talking about fans, that don`t comment a couple times a day in bursts of emotions, but that systematically and pragmatically comment every post a certain Facebook page posts, all day long.

Not only that, there are cases, where actually there are positive influencers on one page, and negative influencers on another.

Have you noticed this case on a particular page? Do you think it will be even bigger issue in the future when more people will be assigned to positively or negatively influence the performance of a brand on Facebook?

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