Summary: Facebook Page update and what does it mean

Facebook has launched new Facebook Pages!

Summary: Facebook Page update and what does it mean

Not long after launching new design of user profiles, Facebook has made another change in its layout – this time in Facebook Pages. These changes will enable brands, business and organizations to build stronger relationships with their fans.

Pages will now look more like user profiles, including photostrips or menu on the left side. It will also allow admins to sign in as a Page and thus receive notifications about new wall posts or comments on the page.

New layout of a Facebook Page:

As Facebook states, all of these changes will lead to better communication, better expression and increased engagement.

What will change on your Facebook Page?

  • Profile pictures size (new dimensions: 180×540px)
  • Possibility to feature other Pages or admins directly on the page
  • Included Photostrip
  • Page category will be shown and can be edited
  • Page will show your mutual friends and interests
  • New Wall filters: Posts by Page and Everyone allowing users to see the most interesting stories first
  • Long expected Iframe based tabs were launch
  • Using Facebook as your Page (you will be able to like or comment as a Page, receive Page notifications, experience NewsFeed as Page)

We at Socialbakers strongly believe that changes like this make Facebook Pages even more engaging. Companies will now have also the ability to brand Facebook pages even better. Great step forward!

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