The rise of Asia and Africa on Facebook, statistics by continent!

Check out the most dynamic continents and their development in the last 3 - 6 months on Facebook.

The rise of Asia and Africa on Facebook, statistics by continent!

We’ve seen a rapid development of the “Facebook population” in recent months, currently Facebook is past 637 million users globally. As you know and probably follow every day, we serve you the list of top countries on Facebook, but what about entire continents? How do they develop and which of them are the most progressive?

Let’s look at the evolution of Facebook statistics by continent in the last 3 – 6 months:

What is interesting in the table is that Africa is the most dynamic continent on Facebook gaining more than 50 % of its Facebook users in the last 6 months! Top raising countries on this continent are well, not surprisingly, Egypt (+1,6 million new users, +43 % change), Nigeria (+1,4 million new users, +83 % change) and South Africa (+750k new users, 25% change).

Second most dynamic continent is Asia with India being the fastest growing country (+9 million new users, +72 % change), followed by Indonesia (+8,2 million new users, +31 % change) and Philippines (+6,6 million new users, +41 % change).

South America on Facebook occupies the third position among the continents (+32 % change) with Brazil growing enormously (+7,1 million new users, 122 % change), Argentina (+2 million fans, +17 % change) and Peru (+1,8 million new users, +61 % change).

North and Central America on Facebook produces the most Facebook users in absolute numbers but relatively it has grown 18,9 % in the last six month with USA being the absolute number one country (+20 million new users, +15 % change), followed by Mexico (+7 million new users, 48 % change) and Canada (+1,4 million new users, +9 %).

Most growing countries in Europe on Facebook are Germany (+5,2 million new users, 49 % change), Poland (2,45 million new users, 79 % change) and Spain (+1,8 million new users, 17 % change).

With 5,1 % user growth, Australia is the slowest growing continent in terms of Facebook users. Australia has gained 381k new, 4 % change and New Zealand 97k new users, 5,5 %.

As seen from the chart, Africa and Asia are on the rise, they are gaining new users very dynamically. Facebook grows on popularity and as seen in the recent days, it has become a powerful medium which also plays a big part in the social unrests and revolutions which we could have seen in Egypt and other countries.

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