Top 9 Funniest Facebook Posts from Last Week

Another stressful week heading up to Christmas. Pressure at work, chaos on the roads and everyone frantically finishing their Christmas shopping. To cheer you up we brought you a selection of the most amusing facebook posts from last week. So make yourself some hot cocoa, put your feet up and prepare to be entertained. We hope these put a smile on your face!

Top 9 Funniest Facebook Posts from Last Week

Ever wondered what your little furry friends are up to when you are at the office off? Well, if you were under the impression they were guarding the house, we suggest you check your bedding when you get home. Maybe the fridge and TV remote control, too. If any of these are not where you left them, you might want to consider giving your pet a lesson in “guard dog” duties.

Sometimes no matter what you do or how well you do it, there is always one that just gets in your way. Do not be hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned or work out for you. No, you didn’t fail. It’s always a pigeon’s fault.

Have you ever wanted to try something new but did not have the confidence to do it? Now it’s time to do it. The end of the year is quickly approaching and so is the time to make a New Year’s resolution. Whether you decide to begin the new year by pursuing a different career, taking on a new hobby or doing something more extreme, believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Afterall, if little bunny can manage, why can’t you?

The 21st century is all about being original and different. Why don’t you stand out in the crowd with this super cool T-shirt? It’s a little bit unusual, but you will definitely get some attention sporting this fashion item!

When shopping for your clothes choose carefully. Chances are if you like it, others will too. No, we are not talking about fashion copy cats. The danger lies even closer in your own house. So, better keep your all-time favorites in a safe place from your so called “best friends”.

Crystal Head Vodka

Just when you thought you had seen it all. Think again. Crystal Head Vodka! This high class spirit comes in the funkiest and most stylish bottle you have ever seen. Now, if you want to impress your friends why not serve them a killer Skulltini cocktail?

The secret of the most successful people is flexibility. If you can adjust to circumstances that arise in front of you, you will succeed. So next time it doesn’t snow for you, just drop the sledge and surf your way to success! We are sure the reindeers will understand.

Ever wondered why your pal always wins or tops the scoreboard? It would appear it’s all about using the right finger in right place and at right time. If you want to “up your game” then try this finger guide out. Although, as it was pointed out, a real gamer has more keys assigned to each finger and some even use their palms! Pfft!

Smirnoff Ice Venezuela

The winter months don’t have to be boring or spent inside of the house. There is a way to spice things up with a little bit of creativity and (admittedly) a rather large chunk of money. Just think how jealous your neighbour would be if you built this in your garden. His little snowman simply could not compete with that!

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