Socialbakers Local partners launched, join in on the action!

Socialbakers launches local partners - feel free to join!

Socialbakers Local partners launched, join in on the action!

At Socialbakers, we are devoted to bringing you the top of social media analytics, we do so much to bring you the top brands on Facebook, but alone, we are just one company. We can`t figure out everything on our own, and we need your help.

This is why we have decided a while back to launch our local partners. Since then, we received great interest from great partners. Some only expressing interest, but some really moving ahead and helping out.

This means today, we are very happy to announce the first 7 local partners of Socialbakers in different countries. They are a mix of media partners, as well as sales partners. We have another 10 coming on board very soon!

If you would like to become a local partner, then please, contact us as soon as possible! We will love to work with you, there is a number of benefits to becoming a local partner, including participating on creating local top charts, as well as being able to publish exclusive local reports.

This week, we will launch the first set of our local reports, that you will be able to see during this week and their launch on Stay tunned!

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