Top 10 Food & Drinks Facebook Posts from Last Week

With Christmas approaching at the speed of light there is little surprise that most of us are already making plans and getting organised for the bank holidays. As most of us are very logical and systematic creatures we tend to make a list of the priorities which is always topped by food! So to make sure you are not left behind we prepared a selection of the most popular and shared food & drinks facebook posts from last week. Enjoy your read!

Top 10 Food & Drinks Facebook Posts from Last Week

It would not be a Christmas without the traditional meal consisting of mouth watering turkey with all the trimmings. But who has time to rush around and wait in endless queues just to get a decent bird? If the answer is “Not me” then Asda has a solution. You can order their Butcher’s Selection turkey online and get it delivered just in time for Christmas!

If you love cooking and kitchen is your favourite room in the house then you might want to consider upgrading your kitchen friends. And now you could do it for free with Appliances online. Just tell them who is the best cook in the family and you might be one of the lucky winners who will “cook like a top chef this Christmas”!

However, if cooking is not your thing and your are more of a fast food junkie. Do not worry! You do not have to go without your favourite super sized burger and chips. Beacuse McDonald’s has your back covered with their new festive menu. And it even includes Mc Flurry dessert. Now who needs Father Christmas when you have Uncle McDonald?

And for those that declared a war to body fat and decided to carry on dieting despite Christmas holiday, Ella’s kitchen prepared a few suggestion menus. It’s called vegetables. Yes, for the main meal. And yes, we are serious. If you plan on spending your Christmas with these featuring on your menu then be prepared. As you mind need a cuddle before Boxing Day!

Whether you decided to stick with the diet or go crazy and destroy all contents of your mum’s fridge, do not forget to wash it down with nice coffee. If you are not fan of the hot cuppa, try Nescafes new Frappes. You will not be disappointed! And there is no doubt skinny version too. Just saying…

Those of your who would rather wash the Christmas food with something bit more refined and festive than a coffee might want to try consider “The 18 year old”. The Glenlivet that is. As The Glenlivet states, when it comes to whisky, the age matters. And The 18 year old is definitely a proof of that.

Everyone loves Hampers baskets. They make a wonderful present that is suitable for everyone. There is nothing like diving into huge basket and pulling out all the tasty goodies hiden inside. But these treats can be quite expensive. But wait, why would you spend your hard earned cash if you can win one of these?

Never one to stay behind or short of ideas Heinz came up with the new “Get well” soup. It’s the perfect healthy treat in cold winter months. And as Heinz pointed out this new product will keep you warm and get you smiling despite the weather. The soup season has officially begun!

Not all of us are lucky to enjoy the Christmas with lots of nice food. Despite living in the modern society there are still those who battle with poverty and starve on daily basis. The founder of Panera Ron Shaich Bread believes it is our responsibility to take care of those in need. He decided to set example and show other companies how to help feed the hungry.

There are many discussions why so many of us find it hard to give chocolate. So what is the real reason? Is it effect of simple sugar and feel good serotonin hormone on our body? Or simply being conditioned and falling a victim to bad habits. Well, according to “Unreal” the chocolate understands us. So no wonder we are addicted. Happy Choctember!

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