Get Ahead With New Industry Reports From Socialbakers!

Are you wondering what your competition is up to or how your industry is performing on Facebook? Wonder no more thanks to our new Industry Reports! They are packed with valuable statistics and insights that will help you understand where and how you can improve.

Get Ahead With New Industry Reports From Socialbakers!

Every month, we publish Regional reports covering the biggest, most engaging and Socially Devoted Facebook brands in your country. We believe that benchmarks serve as a great tool for assessing your performance in social media and adapting the right strategy. But it’s not only your region that affects you, it’s also the industry and your competition that shapes your performance. So please, let us present you our brand new Industry Reports!

The reports are available for the following industries: Fashion & Beauty, Electronics, Airlines, E-commerce, Telecom, Alcohol, Automotive, FMCG and Retail. See more Regional Platform Benchmarks and Insights by Industry.

Gain Valuable Insights From Your Industry

They all feature valuable statistics and insights into the biggest, fastest growing, most engaging and Socially Devoted brands on Facebook. Plus, we also include the most engaging post type and post in each report to give you an idea of what works for your industry´s audience, what content they love to interact with. For example, when you look at the November report for the FMCG industry, you will find that Coca-Cola had the biggest and fastest growing Page, Purina One posted the most engaging post, and that Huggies delivered the best social customer care last month. In addition, the report says that photos are the industry´s most engaging post type and that Starbucks’ Frappucino shared the most engaging post in November (see below).

Industry Reports – Your New Social Media Ritual

Download them at the beginning of each month to understand how your brand is performing within the bigger picture. Each section presents benchmarks and average industry standards, so even if you don’t get into the top ranking, you can see the areas in which you need to improve in and work on – The Recipe for Social Marketing Success

Industry report for FMCG

Socialbakers social media report, November 2012.

Top 10 Facebook Brands by Number of Fans

RankPage nameChangeFans
1Coca-Cola1 758 90355 619 315
2Red Bull1 219 92034 147 570
3Oreo473 49730 473 458
4Skittles233 26023 896 848
5Pringles476 65821 272 168
6Monster Energy501 46420 038 965
7Ferrero Rocher207 90816 797 314
8Nutella176 14316 583 941
9Dr Pepper49 25913 269 409
10Starburst84 53211 604 550

Top 3 Fastest Growing Facebook Brands

RankPage nameChange
1Coca-Cola1 758 903
2Kit Kat1 431 709
3Red Bull1 219 920

Top 3 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate

Average Engagement Rate: 0.280 %

1Pampers France5.3370 %
2Lipton(リプトン)3.6859 %
3Always France2.8865 %

The Most Socially Devoted Facebook Brand

Average Response Rate: 54.73 %

Answered minus
unanswered questions
1Aku Anak SGM255 Min84 %361

Most Engaging Post Type

Photo – 63% of All Posts.

Industry Report Details

Data Range: November 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012

Engagement Rate: Calculated as the average number of likes, comments and shares per post on a given day, divided by the total number of Fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with your post.

Response Time: The average time that it takes for the company to respond the user wall posts.

Response Rate: The percentage of user wall posts that get responded by the company.

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