5 New Twitter Features You Shouldn´t Miss

Are you still keeping up with all the social media news while you are shopping and getting ready for the Christmas Holidays? In case you missed some updates, check out these 5 latest Twitter features!

5 New Twitter Features You Shouldn´t Miss

1. A Relevant Audience Thanks To ‘Negative Keyword Targeting’

If you really want to reach a larger audience and spark high engagement, you definitely want to make sure that you appear in relevant search results and don’t spam users with profiles from tweets and hashtags that they weren’t searching for in the first place. That´s why Twitter introduced Negative Keyword Targeting for Promoted Tweets, which will let advertisers buy a term but avoid having the ad shown in unrelated conversations. So for example, if you decide to buy the term Mars as the candy bar or planet, you can make sure that it doesn’t show up near conversations about the singer Bruno Mars. In this case, “Bruno” would be your negative keyword. Twitter also introduced a bulk importing tool that lets you highlight which terms you wish to match and which you don’t. This tool provides you with three different matching options when entering keywords: exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match.

What’s even more exciting is that Twitter also launched an option to automatically match your Promoted Tweets in search to relevant and related trending topics. As stated by their Director of Product Management, Kevin Weil, “If you use this new matching option (which is enabled by default for new campaigns), we use relevance signals about your Promoted Tweets and the Trend itself to help increase your campaign’s coverage automatically. For example, if a celebrity’s pregnancy news starts trending, and you’re a retailer of baby clothing, your Promoted Tweet may be entered into the auction for that trending search.” Read more here.

2. Twitter Slowly Rolls Out Downloadable Tweets

Wondering how your tweeting evolved from the inception of your account? Twitter announced that you will soon be able to download all your tweets (since you first tweeted) into an archive that resembles a calendar. Some select users already have this feature and have said that it’s very similar to Facebook’s archive, though, others have to wait for the gradual rollout.

3. Keep The Trending Topics Coming

Twitter is updating its Trending Topics feature by adding up to 100 more cities around the world, including Istanbul, Frankfurt, Guadalajara, and Incheon. The feature has been helpful in identifying the most trending conversations across the world and from now on people should discover even more popular hashtags and topics thanks to the expansion. At the moment, hashtags like #2012TaughtMe are very popular and New Year’s resolutions will be coming soon.

You can also receive more local specific trends after you select the country or city you are interested in. That way, if you are planning to expand your products or campaigns abroad, you can monitor the topics people talk about the most and adapt your strategy accordingly.

4. To Filter Or Not To Filter Your Photos, That Is The Question

Social Networks keep realizing that photos are the most compelling and most engaging form of self-expression. To encourage users to share visual content, Twitter partnered with Aviary for special filters and effects. According to their blog, you can apply one of eight filters ranging from black & white to vintage, see how each filter affects your photo, and compare your options. If you are a Twitter admin of a brand account, would you use the tool to enhance your colors and possibly adjust your style? Let us know in the comments below.

5. Upload Your Social Business Card!

It’s already been a few weeks since Twitter introduced new Twitter profiles, enabling users and admins to personalize their profile or brand account by uploading a creative header photo. If you didn’t fall in love with it, you will probably have to since the social network is rolling out this feature to all users from December 12th. If you didn’t upload your header photo yet, everyone visiting your profile will get faced by a dull default grey image. You shouldn’t let that happen, especially if you are a brand trying to present and promote your products/ services through social channels.

Try thinking of your header photo as your social business card; does it convey who you are and do you believe it makes your business stand out of the crowd? Check out how to upload your personality to Twitter across all your devices in the fun video below!


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