Which brands post too much on their Wall?

Recently, we gave out recommendations of how often you should post on your Facebook Page. Let‘s look at brands that post too much.

Which brands post too much on their Wall?

Recently we have published an article giving out recommendations of how to publish on your Facebook Page. One week later, let’s take a look on Pages that don’t follow these recommendations and what it means for them in terms of their Engagement.

We decided to follow our 1st rule: Post too many times a day on Facebook

Posting too often on your Wall could be represented as spamming your Facebook fans which shouldn’t be done by any means. Recommended average of posting for brands would be about once a day (or 2 – 3 times exceptionally if you have a very good announcement).

Do brands follow this posting average? We’ve digged into our database at Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO and found out that some brands heavily exceed this limit. Here are some of the brands that post on their Wall too much.

Sapo Portugal: 390 wall posts in the last month? That’s way over limit, they average at about 13 posts a day! Also their posts clearly don’t work. With almost 24k fans, they can reach much higher Engagement than 0,06%.

Asos fashion online: averaging at 5 wall posts a day in the last 30 days, Asos should reconcider their posting strategy. Their posting clearly doesn’t work as they’ve reached on 0,002% Engagement with almost 480k fans.

Forever 21: big Facebook base, more than 4 million fans, definetely a Page which should have a good posting strategy as the fan base is very good. This brand averages at over 3 wall posts per day with very low ER – little over 0,002%.Again, next time they should focus more on the quality of posts rather than their quantity.

Avon Products Page: Little less than 3 posts per day, so not that bad anymore. However, we think they could do much better in terms of Engagement. They gained about 294k fans and currently reach Engagement at about 0,004 %.

We’ve taken into account only bigger and well known brands which should care about their Facebook presence. Of course there are many other local brands which would be the potential “winners”in our charts. They average at around 10–20 posts a day with almost no engegement!

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